Early spring, spring, late spring, spring health, different tactics

Early spring, spring, late spring, spring health, different tactics

In spring, everything recovers, the climate warms, and the breath of spring is intoxicating.

At this time, how to maintain health in the diet to ensure good health?

Experts reminded that the spring diet should pay attention to the season, the early spring and the late spring are different.

In the early spring, the yin and cold gradually receded, and the sun was first, and the warmth was still cold.

According to the theory of TCM Yangyang in the spring and summer, this time should eat some onions, ginger, garlic, and leeks.

These foods can disperse and dispel cold, and all of them contain alkali-containing ingredients, which also have the effect of bactericidal and disease prevention.

In addition, properly eat chicken, animal liver, fish, lean meat, egg yolk, milk, soy milk and other nutrients, so that the body’s various organs and organs function increasingly active, and eat less cold food to stop yang hairThe more.

In the mid-spring season, the liver gas rises with all things, but it is biased towards the prosperity. The Chinese doctor believes that the liver can hurt the spleen.

At this time, you can eat jujube, honey, yam, casserole and other foods that nourish the spleen and stomach, and eat less digestible foods such as sour or greasy.

In addition, you can eat spinach, celery, lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, bell pepper, tender green, rape, green bean sprouts and other yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits to supplement vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements.

In the late spring, the temperature will gradually increase, and the diet should be light. In addition to eating high-quality protein foods, you can put green bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat build-up.

Should not eat lamb, dog meat, spicy hot pot and pepper, pepper, pepper and other big hot food, to prevent evil heat, fire, sore, phlegm, phlegm, swelling and other diseases.

In addition, this time, in advance of the summer, from the perspective of health care, we must also pay attention to food hygiene, to prevent illness from entering the mouth.