Old people should never take morning exercises as working

Old people should never take morning exercises as “working”

Every morning, he met his neighbor Zhang Bo in the elevator. He was dressed in sportswear, and he was carrying a taiji ball.
“Aber, how are you going?”
“Baiyun Mountain.”
“Seeing Aber’s face is proud, I just smiled.”
  These days, I suddenly saw Aber, and I went to the door today to ask, hey, Aber’s knee pain, hand numb, and rested at home for several days.
  Indeed, there are quite a lot of elderly people like Zhang Bo who went to the park for exercise early in the morning. There are just a lot of old people who practiced me, but did not pay attention to scientific methods to do morning exercises, like what environment to choose for morning exercises, and what time to choose.When is it not appropriate to have a good morning.
Therefore, the elderly are especially reminded not to take morning exercises as “working”.
  Don’t take morning business as “working”. Among the elderly who love morning exercise, there are some senior citizens with high cultural structure and high health quotient. When they are young, they pursue perfection in their work. Now they have retired from their jobs, so they regard morning exercise as a morning exercise.”Working”, and even become a psychological alternative, that is – the pursuit of perfection.
The adverse consequences caused by this mentality, for example, in order to achieve an effect in a short period of time, lead to excessive exercise load, in order to practice a sports routine, repeated actions repeatedly lead to muscle strain.
  Morning exercise is not “going to work”, do not have too strong competitive psychology.
If the elderly regard the morning exercise as “working”, it is easy to be as meticulous as the work, so that the elderly partners who exercise together in the morning exercise compete with each other and compare the learning speed of sports technology, which is unfavorable to the physical and psychological of the elderly.
The purpose of fitness is to pursue health, and health is composed of physical health, mental health and social health.
  From the perspective of sports medicine, morning exercise like work, that is, the frequency of exercise is 5-6 times a week. This frequency of exercise is too much for the elderly.
Reasonable frequency of exercise for healthy exercise in the elderly is recommended 3-5 times a week.
Of course, if you like to go every day, you should pay attention to the fact that it takes only 3-5 days to reach the effective amount of exercise in one week. Other time can be leisurely, and the small amount of exercise is mainly to maintain a good mood.