Dishes of drinking fountains

Dishes of drinking fountains

There are two major problems with the widely used water dispensers. First, when the general water dispenser is used continuously, the heaters continue to work. The replacement adds extra power consumption. Instead of repeated heating, the water quality is not fresh.Fouling, unfavorable health care.

Second, at present, almost all ordinary water dispensers are cool and hot water is separated. Many times, the first cup we drink is boiling water, but then a lot of cold water enters the inverter.

Before the next heating is completed, we drink hot and cold mixed water, which is not hygienic.


hzh {display: none; }  一、饮水机的自身缺陷  久煮产生“千滚水”:饮用水在热胆内经反复加热后,会形成“千滚水”。
This water contains heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances, and long-term drinking can endanger acute health.

  Scale becomes an “additive”: According to a report issued by the National Environmental Testing Department, if the traditional water dispenser liner is not cleaned for more than 3 months, it will breed a large number of bacteria, residues and even red worms, which will adhere to the inner wall of the hot bladder and become a toxic “additive”.””.
When these substances enter the body, they cause deformation of the digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic systems.

  Hot spleen manufactures “nitrate”: hot urethane is mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum shell. Tests show that under continuous heating, the nitrite content of iron, aluminum and ammonia in water will increase significantly, while nitrite is alreadyKnown carcinogens.

  Household appliances “power consumption king”: Take 1 liter of hot water as an example. In the state of not shutting down, the power is 0.

A 5 kW traditional household water dispenser consumes electricity every day.

8 degrees, precisely because of its “burning stop” working principle, invisible caused more than 90% of energy waste.

  Although he may be opposed by his peers, Fang Shuguang still hopes that his overlap of “cutting off the poisonous biliary” will be able to respond.

He believes that people are paying more and more attention to “clean water” and “healthy water”, and the technological revolution in the water dispenser industry is imminent.

  Second, the secondary pollution of the water dispenser Each water dispenser has 5 parts that communicate with the outside, namely two faucets, water inlet, air outlet, and sewage outlet.

The secondary pollution of the water dispenser is mainly that the dust in the air carries a large amount of microorganisms, and the algae and the like transfer air into the water dispenser, especially the air port, and the sewage outlet is easy to form a dead angle, the microorganisms multiply and pollute the bottled water.

  When changing the water, directly put the barrel neck of the bottled water on the seat of the water dispenser. After the bottled water is installed on the water dispenser, each time one liter is released, there must be a corresponding volume of air entrained by the air.A variety of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, mold, etc. also enter the inside of the water dispenser, after which the bacteria will continue to multiply inside the water dispenser, showing a pale yellow, sticky and slippery feeling.

Over time, you can reach the level of harm to human health.

  In the water tank of the water dispenser, there are nearly 1000 ml of water remaining, which is also a place that is neglected and easily breeds bacteria.

After a bucket of water is used up and replaced with a bucket, the water tank liner often overlaps with nearly 1000 ml of “Chen Shui”, and the bacteria will grow for a long time.

Longer this will threaten the health of the human body.

Experts suggest that bottled water can be reached within a week, and continuous sunlight can cause bacteria to multiply.

  Expert advice: People drink bottled water is pure and healthy.

However, if the water supply transition of the water dispenser is not thorough, it will also cause secondary pollution of water quality.

Even if the water dispenser is a professional equipped with some manufacturers, the disinfection process may not be fully qualified.

Specifically, the disinfection of the water dispenser should be divided into the following steps: 1. Unplug the power plug, remove the water bucket, open the drain pipe behind the water dispenser, and drain the remaining water, because the remaining water in the drain pipe is the water.The key to secondary pollution.

Then, turn on all the water switches to release the water.

  2. Hold the alcohol cotton with tweezers and thoroughly scrub the water dispenser liner.

The water dispenser liner easily accumulates bacteria due to direct contact with air.

Scrubbing with alcohol can remove the dirt and prepare for the next disinfection.

  3. Dissolve 300 ml of disinfectant into about 2 liters of water, then fill the entire water dispenser liner and place it for 10-15 minutes.

  4. Turn on all the switches of the water dispenser, including the drain pipe and the water switch, and drain the disinfectant.

  5. Rinse the entire chamber of the dispenser continuously with 7-8 liters of clean water, and open all the switches to clean the flushing liquid.

It is not enough for some people to rinse with only 1 liter of water. Some disinfectant remains in the water dispenser.

  6. Wipe the back wall of the switch with alcohol cotton. When using the cup to hold water, it is easy to touch the back wall of the switch of the water dispenser. It should not be scrubbed with a rag only.

  After the dispenser is disinfected, there may be traces of disinfectant remaining and cannot be replaced immediately.

You should put a glass of water and smell the chlorine.

If there is, you should release the water until you can’t smell the chlorine.  Of course, you can also ask a professional water dispenser cleaning staff to help.

For the health of you and your family, it is worthwhile to clean and disinfect several times a year, and the cost is not high.

In the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, constantly paying attention to the quality of life, paying attention to human health today, it is an indispensable substitute to pay attention to life hygiene.

  Health Tips: 1, do not continuously turn on the water heater’s heating switch, otherwise, repeated firing into thousands of boiling water, harmful to the body!

  2, the water dispenser with a liner must be thoroughly cleaned once a month, otherwise, it is harmful to the body!

  3, bottled water must be used within one week after opening, otherwise it is harmful to the body!