Elderly people’s diet ten wants

Elderly people’s diet “ten wants”

Because the digestive function of the elderly is reduced, the cardiovascular system and other organs have varying degrees of variation, so there should be special requirements for the diet of the elderly.
In order to maintain good health, we should pay attention to the following ten aspects: First, the rice is to be fragrant. The taste of the elderly is poor, the appetite is poor, and eating often feels lack of taste.
Back to this, pay attention to color, fragrance and taste for the elderly.
  Second, the quality is good The metabolism of the elderly is mainly catabolism, more protein is needed to compensate for the consumption of tissue protein.
If you eat more chicken, fish, rabbit, lamb, beef, lean pork and bean products, the protein of these foods is high-quality protein, nutritious and easy to digest.
  Third, the number is small Research shows that over-satisfaction is harmful to health, the elderly should eat at eight or nine minutes per meal, especially for dinner.
  四、蔬菜要多  新鲜蔬菜是老年人健康的朋友,它不仅含有丰富的维生素C和矿物质,还有较多的纤维素,对保护心血管和防癌防便秘有重要作用,每天的蔬菜摄The input should be no less than 250 grams.
  Fifth, food should be mixed Protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals and water are the six essential nutrients for the human body. These nutrients are widely found in various foods.
In order to balance the absorption of nutrients and maintain good health, all kinds of foods should be eaten a little. If possible, the main and non-staple foods should be kept at around 10 times a day.
  Sixth, Lai cuisine should be light. Some elderly people have heavy mouth weight. As everyone knows, if salt is eaten more, it will increase the burden on the heart and kidney, and it will easily cause blood pressure to increase.
In order to be healthy, the elderly should generally eat 6-8 grams of salt per day.
  Seven, the food should be rotten Old people’s teeth often loose and fall off, masticatory muscles weakened, digestive juice and digestive enzyme secretion decreased, gastrointestinal digestion decreased.
Therefore, the food should be softer and more rotten.
  Eight, fruit to eat A variety of fruits are rich in water-soluble vitamins and metal trace elements, these nutrients have a great effect on maintaining the pH balance of body fluids.
To stay healthy, eat some fruit after each meal.
  Nine, diet to be hot The elderly have poor resistance to cold, such as eating cold food can cause vasoconstriction of the stomach wall, blood supply is reduced, and reflex caused by the reduction of other visceral blood circulation, unhealthy.
Therefore, the diet of the elderly should be slightly warmer, and it is advisable to eat at a proper level.
  10. Eat slowly. Some older people are used to eating fast food. They will swallow without chewing. It will be bad for health over time.
You should chew slowly to reduce the gastrointestinal burden and promote digestion.
In addition, eating slowly can easily lead to satiety, prevent eating too much, and the leaves are healthy.