How to learn Chinese medicine?

The experience of the master of Chinese medicine is given to you, and the complete set of Chinese medicine textbooks is included.

How to learn Chinese medicine?
The experience of the master of Chinese medicine is given to you, and the complete set of Chinese medicine textbooks is included.

Chinese medicine is a profound and profound study. Many people stand outside the Chinese medicine hospital and sigh. It is too difficult to learn Chinese medicine. It is because Chinese medicine is very complicated and profound. I want to master the accumulation of many years, but we can place the master of Chinese medicine.Studying experience, see how they learn Chinese medicine, Zhang Zhenyu, professor of Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the Basic Research Office of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He said: Learning Chinese medicine should be more “the first thing I learned in the past, memorizing the “Three Words of Medicine”, “Pharmaceutical Fu”, “濒潮脉学”, “Tangtou Songs”.

My father asked us to start from the back, first put it into the stomach, then slowly digest and absorb.

At first, my father did not give explanations, and there was no popular version. It was hard to memorize and was very difficult.

The father’s tutor is very strict. After one stage, he will test us and put forward one of them. We must skillfully recite it.

My brother and I urged each other, asked each other questions, backed up before going to sleep, back when walking, and back in the toilet.

Learning is gradual, and reciting is getting easier.

Fathers often teach us that there is no shortcut to learning, we must learn in a down-to-earth manner, lay a good foundation, and remember more.

Practice makes perfect, and when you pass the test, you can be very good at it.

Lu Zhizheng, a master of Chinese medicine, said: Learning Chinese medicine to read classic medical literature should be difficult to learn, first learn the classics, and then bypass the family, in order to get the effect of high housing construction.

The designated bibliography is mainly “Su Wen”, “Ling Shu Jing”, “The Legend of the Difficult Scriptures”, “The Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “The Golden Chamber”, “Materia Medica” and so on.

Because the uncle knows deeply that the ancient Chinese texts of ancient Chinese medicine are profound and profound, some words are multi-sound and multi-meaning, and there are many falsehoods in the ancient body, and there is no broken sentence.

If there is no innocent ancient text, it is difficult to enter the room.

Specially invited by the late Qing Xiu Xiu, Professor Chen Xuanze, “Book of Changes” and “Gu Wen Guan Zhi”.

Emphasis on both medicine and literature not only improves literary literacy, but also deepens the understanding and memory of the scriptures.

For example, learning the Book of Changes understands the changes in yin and yang, and eliminates the law of longevity and deficiency, thus making it easier to understand and master the yin and yang theory of Chinese medicine.

The ancients had the saying that “it is easy to get through”, which means this.

Summary: Many Chinese medicine masters have pointed out that to learn Chinese medicine well, we must first read the classics and memorize the classics.

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