Why does Lao Lai Zi grow up prone to depression?

Why does “Lao Lai Zi” grow up prone to depression?

According to the US MSNBC website reported on September 1, Swedish researchers have found that children born to middle-aged and older men are more likely to develop bipolar disorder when they grow up, and are more likely to become depressed and manic.
The study was published in the September issue of the Archives of Popular Psychiatry.
  Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden analysed Swedish national demographics, including 13,428 people with bipolar disorder born between 1932 and 1991.
They found that people who were over 40 years old at birth were more likely to develop bipolar disorder when they grew up, and children born to fathers 55 and older were most likely to get the disease.
Compared with children born to fathers in their 20s, children born to middle-aged and elderly people are 37% more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder.
Not only that, the risk of these children doubling before the age of 20.
This “early-onset disease” is most closely linked to heredity.
  Bipolar disorder can lead to severe mood swings. The peak age of onset is 15-19 years, and the first time is a depressive episode, and then the manic symptoms will appear.
The prevalence of this disease is 1% -4%, and 5 million people in the United States suffer from it.
  The scientific community has generally agreed that the age and health of mothers have a major impact on newborn defects and other abnormalities.
But more and more evidence shows that the influence of fathers cannot be ignored.
Some studies have also found that the older a father is, the higher the risk of schizophrenia and autism in children.
Researchers believe that this may be related to the higher the age of men, the higher the possibility of sperm mutation.
  However, Emma who led the research?
Frans pointed out that due to the low incidence of bipolar disorder, middle-aged and elderly men need not be afraid of becoming fathers.

Naked sleep can prevent insomnia

Naked sleep can prevent insomnia

Naked sleep can prevent insomnia. Four things need to be noticed. Many people have the habit of sleeping naked. Instead, when naked, they remove the restraint of clothing on the body, giving a sense of unrestrained comfort;It is good for blood circulation and secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, so naked sleep helps relax and eliminate fatigue.

In addition, naked sleep has been helpful for diseases such as insomnia, headache, and diarrhea.

After women sleep naked, even the low back pain and physical dysmenorrhea common in gynecology may be relieved.

  In today’s society, insomnia mainly comes from psychological factors, some mental stress or worry, so it is not difficult to understand why naked sleep can improve insomnia, especially for those who have not experienced naked sleep before, the effect may be more obvious.

It also happens to those who have not previously developed good hygiene habits.

  It should be noted that naked sleep is not suitable or effective for anyone. For those who suffer from insomnia due to nerves, naked sleep is not valuable. Only correct and timely treatment of the primary cause can help improve sleep.

  The four major precautions for sleeping naked. Sleeping naked does not mean that you can simply take off your underwear and go to bed. At the same time, pay attention to the sleeping environment.

  First of all, it is appropriate when the family is too small and the family lives together or collectively, because tension can lead to the opposite effect.

It is best to have a relatively secretive, independent environment.

  In fact, the living environment needs air circulation, the temperature is appropriate, and it is quiet and comfortable, so that you can relax mentally and build a good sleep time.

  Again, be sure to keep warm, adjust the temperature and humidity in the bedroom, and avoid getting cold and sweating.

  Finally, the softness of the bedding should be moderate, and the mattresses should be clean and fluffy, often cleaned and exposed to the sun.

  Experts need to be: have a correct understanding of the role of naked sleep, it is just one of the healthy sleep methods we use, not always should be adopted.

In addition, the skin is directly exposed to the environment when sleeping naked. Dust and pests can cause skin allergies and arthritis. People with sufficient constitution should be careful.


The science of good jealousy

The science of good jealousy

Unlike greed and laziness, the human body will indulge in joy. Only jealousy brings pain.

But we are happy.

  ”Jealousy is arguably the most common and deeply ingrained emotion in humans.

“” Of all the characteristics of ordinary human nature, jealousy is the most unfortunate emotion.

This sentence comes from Russell’s “The Road to Happiness?”

Outstanding Jealousy.

That is the book, which has recently been grandly listed in a reference to a rigorous scientific paper.

The first reference in the research report of “Science” magazine on February 13 “This man’s pain, the joy of others: the neural correlation between fraud and gloat”: “Russell,” The Road to Happiness “,W.

W.Norton, New York, 1930 “.

The feeling discussed in that research report was “jealousy”.

The question it discusses is: what benefits does terrible jealousy bring us?

  In the Seven Deadly Sins, terrible jealousy lies between pride and anger, but unlike the vices of greed, lust, overeating, or laziness, some of them have a bit of temptation, which allows the participants to get involved in a little indulgent pleasure-maybe this isReasons to seduce us to sin.

This terrible jealousy only causes pain.

From this perspective, fear is not like evil but like virtue.

So why can’t humans be afraid of jealousy?

  A group of Japanese researchers have recently investigated this issue.

They recruited 19 college students, asked them to read some story scripts, and then used functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure the blood flow changes in the brains of these people.

  While reading the story, the students were asked to set themselves as the ordinary characters in the story.

In addition to the protagonist, three characters of ABC are specially arranged in the story.

A is the same gender as the protagonist, and his life path and goals are almost the same, but he has excellent grades, a wealthy family, and is popular with the opposite sex; B is different from the protagonist’s gender, although he is better, but his life path and goals do not overlap; C is also different from the protagonist’s gender, And the grades are ordinary, the life path and the protagonist are also different.

  After the students read the story, the researchers asked them to answer the jealousy of the characters ABC, and the results showed that these people’s jealousy of ABC gradually decreased.

According to the results of functional magnetic resonance imaging, for the participant A, the anterior cingulate cortex of the subject’s brain was the most active, while for B and C, the activity level of this brain region decreased in order.

The anterior cingulate cortex is thought to be the area where the brain handles body pain.

Until now, the new understanding just confirmed the previous understanding.

  It is painful to be jealous. We may be jealous of those who are similar to us-those whose gender, age, department, and even education are similar to us, will become our jealous objects.

Aristotle observed: lazy people are full of jealousy.

  The researchers then asked these students to read a sequel to the story.

In the sequel, the characters ABC encountered various unfortunate events.

The experimental results show that the students’ level of gloating emotions about the unfortunate encounter of ABC decreases in turn, just as the degree of jealousy changes.

At this point, the ventral striatum levels of the students’ brains decrease at the same time-there is usually a region of the brain that is considered to be active when receiving monetary rewards or social recognition.

The more terrible jealousy, the stronger the happiness felt in the other’s pain.

  Scary jealousy is closely related to gloat. This happiness is so wonderful that everyone even forgets the danger they face.

A psychologist told a New York Times reporter: This economic crisis has led to envy among financiers, and no one wants to be a “millionaire.”

  Envy is not unique to humans.

Give a monkey a piece of cucumber, and it will be particularly happy to hit; then, give another companion a grape.

Obviously, a monkey seems that grapes are better than cucumbers in a row.

So the monkey who got the cucumber started to become very unhappy and looked at you resentfully.”This is typical of jealousy,” researchers at the time said.

  Other scholars who study evolution go further. They believe that jealousy has created our sense of fairness.

We rebel against those kings or corporate giants because of jealousy-why do they own more than they deserve?

  Regarding jealous suspicions, there is a lot of speculation and little evidence, but we may not be able to do this anyway.

“If you long for honor, you might be jealous of Napoleon, Napoleon insulted Caesar, Caesar mocked Alexander, and Alexander . I think he might be jealous of Hercules, who didn’t exist.

White-collar workers wary of injury breakfast

White-collar workers wary of “injury” breakfast

In the morning, drink a glass of vegetable juice for breakfast. Its name is to lose weight and maintain body shape. In fact, such a breakfast is extremely detrimental to human health.
Experts point out that you should eat hot food for breakfast to protect your stomach.
Stomach qi as referred to by Chinese medicine is broad and does not simply refer to the organ of the stomach, which includes the digestive and absorptive capabilities of the spleen and stomach, acquired immunity, and muscle functions.
In the morning, the yin at night has not been removed, the temperature of the earth has not recovered, and the muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the body are still in a contracted state. If you eat and drink cold food at this time, the various systems in the body will definitely be more contracted and the blood flow will be more irregular.You may not notice any gastrointestinal discomfort once or twice, but as time goes by or you get older, you will find poor absorption, poor body resistance, worsening skin, frequent colds, and minor problems.All are signs of hurting the stomach.
In addition to eating hot breakfast, it also needs to be diversified. Vegetables, bread, sandwiches, fruits, and snacks can be eaten together to provide the calories needed in the morning and be good for your health.

What men demand from different ages


What men demand from different ages

The requirements of a 22-year-old man for a woman are: First, beauty.

Second, sexy.

Third, a tasteful profession.

Fourth, extremely patient and understanding.

Fifth, be smart when you are smart.

6. Try to be natural when you are a bird.

Seven, it looks good on how to wear it.

Eight, know how to coquettishly.

Nine, although it was a surprise reaction, it looked natural.

Ten, went to bed is an unconditional slut.

  The 32-year-old man’s requirements for women are slightly modified: First, enter the kitchen and enter the bedroom.

Second, there is no need to serve the Queen Mother.

Third, don’t mind romantic candles with box lunch.

Fourth, listen more than speak.

Five, no longer smirking.

Six, know how to be independent.

Seventh, do not criticize men’s clothing taste.

Eight, the ability to replace your own cooking.

Nine, understand that birthdays and anniversaries are just youthful forms.

  The requirements of a 42-year-old man for a woman have been revised as follows: First, since it is impossible for a man to have the illusion of embracing a girl, don’t let the man face too cruel reality (fat does not matter).

Second, thoughts and actions remain comprehensive.

Third, do not compare men’s income with Mr. Huang next door.

Fourth, do not use children to refer to Sanghuai.

Fifth, understand that laughing is an obligation.

6. Recognize the truth and stop posing as a weak female stream.

Seventh, understand the addends, so as not to wear a piece of clothing that will faint the whole street.

Eight, do not cut corners, don’t arbitrarily save money.

Nine, don’t pretend to be clean to prove clean.

Ten, understand that men’s sexual desire must be caused by at least vision.

  A 52-year-old man asks a woman only: First, it can be done when needed.

Second, family criticism is not allowed in public places.

Third, neither shrimp nor lobster can be moved.

Fourth, I don’t sleep when I speak.

Fifth, do not always mention the same fault of the man that year.

Six, no longer use face to make a fuss.

Seven, do not raise the demand with a negative attitude, do not say irony.

Eight, cook some rice that you can eat at least while watching TV.

Nine, if necessary, can forget the name of my first girlfriend.Ten, even in some possible weekends, you have to be responsible for some ideas.

  If a 62-year-old man still asks a woman, it is: First, it is good to touch the light.

Second, don’t keep reminding people where the toilet is.

Third, the cost is not expensive.

Fourth, don’t lose your husband’s face in front of your children.

Five, no longer ask: where do you go when you come back.

Sixth, don’t be stubborn and die.

Seven, understand that wearing a grand can not save anything.

Eight, no longer forced to eat her cooking.

Nine, try to minimize cross-examination, and try to minimize the opening remarks.

Ten, lived an old age, at least began to understand a little bit of male sexuality.

  The requirements of a 72-year-old man for a woman are: First, to breathe.

Second, understand why men cannot aim again.

That’s it.

Young people also need to watch out for spinal strain

Young people also need to watch out for spinal strain

After a recent “cold spring cold” in Beijing, the reporter learned from the Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine that the number of patients with spinal disease has increased rapidly since the Spring Festival.

Therefore, in the three treatment rooms of the Massage Department of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, the number of patients with spondylosis seen in the morning alone exceeded 100, an increase of 20% over the previous normal situation.

Among the patients who visited the clinic, the number of patients who visited for the first time accounted for a considerable number.

The reporter also learned that from the current population, the number of patients over 40 years of age is not less than 60%.

What is different from the past is that this year, the proportion of patients with spondylosis around the age of 30 has increased rapidly.

In fact, spondylosis should be a middle-aged disease.

  Weather changes are most likely to cause spondylopathy. In Chinese medicine, spondylosis is considered to be the product of liver and kidney failure and disfigurement of bones and bones.

According to medical interpretation, spondylosis is the spine bone, intervertebral disc, ligament, muscle complications, boot compression, traction and stimulation of the spinal cord, spinal nerves, blood vessels, and autonomic nerves, resulting in complex and diverse symptoms.

The most common spondylosis is cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.

The main symptoms are inability to stand upright, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, decreased memory, neck and shoulder aches, loss of appetite, nausea, nausea, lower limbs, and difficulty walking.

  Dr. Wang Yingjie from Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine said that there is a statement of cold pain in Chinese medicine.

The cold slows down the blood flow rate, and the phenomenon of qi and blood backflow is more prominent when it encounters local parts, and it is more likely to cause muscle and blood vessel spasm, thereby making less obvious symptoms obvious in a short time.

  Therefore, Dr. Wang Yingjie said that regardless of whether the spine is healthy, it is important to dress and wear a cap scientifically.

In addition, he reminded patients with poor spine to pay attention to keep warm, but also to prevent wearing clothes that are relatively heavy and the collar is too high and too tight, because it will compress the blood vessels in the neck and shoulders, leading to the brain andThe nutrients in the eyes are reduced, which makes the spine worse.

  Rejuvenation of patients with spondylosis is related to lifestyle. The existing patients are getting younger and younger, and the majority of patients are cervical and lumbar. Dr. Wang Yingjie believes that this is directly related to lifestyles such as computer reuse and desk work reduction.

Therefore, in the case of continuous bowing, you should pay attention to the rest of the segment, poor circulation of the fracture, strain of the veins and muscles, and spinal injury caused by muscle insertion.

  Dr. Wang suggested that the holding time of a posture should not exceed two hours, and then it should be coordinated with proper initialization and waist stretching activities. The exercise time can be long or short, but it must be adhered to for a long time to form a habit.

At the same time, keep warm.

  Incorrect posture can induce spondylopathy. Investigations have found that among patients with spondylosis, manual computers, accountants, teachers, doctors, and office workers account for a considerable proportion.

Therefore, experts believe that incorrect sitting, standing, lying, and continuous desk work or labor in the same posture are the causes of spondylosis.

At the same time, experts also believe that good posture can prevent spondylosis, and the work of protecting the spine is usually done in every way.

  In daily life, many people are accustomed to being relaxed or sitting down.

The most common are bow waist, humpback, and Jijiro legs.

Experts believe that this posture for a long time will change the normal curvature of the spine, resulting in complications such as cervical spondylosis, cervical fasciitis, lumbar muscle strain, and lumbar disc herniation.

Don’t wear three underwear women

Don’t wear three underwear women

Do not wear three types of underwear for women. There are three types of underwear for women. Do not wear more than three types of underwear. These three types of underwear do not have protection, but may cause some gynecological diseases.


Should not wear too tight underwear women’s vaginal opening, urethral opening, close to the anus, underwear is too tight, easy to friction with vulva, anus, urethral opening, so that this area of dirt (mostly anal, vaginaSecretions) into the vagina or urethra, causing infections of the urinary system or reproductive system.


Women who suffer from vaginitis and tumors of the reproductive system should not wear dark underwear. The leucorrhea may become cloudy, even with red and yellow colors. These are signs of disease.

If these phenomena can be found early and treated early, better results can be obtained.

If you wear dark or patterned underpants, the aligned leucorrhea cannot be detected in time, which may delay the disease.


Chemical underwear should not be worn. Even if the price is cheap, the permeability and hygroscopicity are poor, which is not conducive to tissue metabolism in the perineum.

In addition, the secretions from leucorrhea and perineal glands are not easy to volatilize, and the vulva is wet all day.

This warm and opposite environment is very conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can easily cause inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

  In summary, girls should choose white or light-colored, loose cotton underwear when choosing underwear.


TCM Moxibustion Treats Nine Diseases: Beauty and Beauty

TCM Moxibustion Treats Nine Diseases: Beauty and Beauty

The moxa leaves are dried, kneaded for moxa, made into moxa columns, inserted into the redirected acupuncture points, and used to cure all diseases. This magical moxibustion therapy has been passed down for more than 3,000 years.

Now I will use the commonly used health and beauty treatments in clinical practice and have good results in moxibustion therapy. The following are the following: treatment of facial wrinkles and more: before going to bed, light one end of moxa stick and point it at the face, about 2?
Choose about 3 cm for moxibustion, choose 2 each time?
For 3 acupoints, each moxibustion takes about 5 minutes, until the skin produces redness.

There are many crow’s feet, choose the sun, silk bamboo empty; Forehead pattern choose Yangbai, Yintang; Smile pattern choose the warehouse, Shimonoseki, shorts car.

Or fill the umbilical hole with salt and cut 0.

One piece of fresh ginger with a length of 3 cm is inserted into the umbilicus by puncturing several holes with a needle in the center. The middle piece of ginger is placed on the ginger piece (such as soybeans) to ignite moxibustion.

Change to Ai Yi until it’s all burned, every 3?
5 strong, until the local skin flushing degree, once a night.

  Treatment: Initially routinely disinfect the wart, and then apply at least wart with petroleum jelly. Take moxa and make 3 cone-shaped moxa with the same size as the wart. Put one moxa on the wart and ignite the moxa.(It is generally not painful. If the moxa is larger than the wart, it burns the normal skin and causes pain.) After the moxa is removed, the vaseline is slightly coated with petroleum jelly (functioning), and the moxa is lit.The fox was burnt.

General treatment 1?
Twice, the venous body was shifted and covered with sterile gauze after treatment to prevent infection.

  For facial paralysis: use ginger-separated moxibustion, that is, take fresh ginger and cut 0.

2 cm thick ginger slices, pierce several holes with acupuncture, put Ai Zhi on the ginger slices and ignite, on the affected side of the white, vaginal carts, Dicang, hoe and limbs of Hegu, Zusanli points, eachAcupoint moxibustion 3?
5 Zhuang, when the local burn is applied, lift the ginger slice for a moment and then lower it, repeat several times, until the Ai Yi has been completely burned.

Moxibustion is performed every night before lying down.

  Tooth loosening: When you fall asleep every night, sit on a bench and ignite the moxa stick, then suspend moxibustion on the bones of the lower limbs, Yongquan points, 2?
3 minutes, until local redness appears, please ask your family for help, moxibustion of Shenshu, Datu points, each point 2?
3 minutes, to local redness.

5 PM on the 2nd day of the lunar calendar?
Moxibustion at 9 o’clock.

Bushen Yijing, strong bone and solid teeth.

  Treatment of freckles: After the moxa is ignited, smoke and iron the valley, Quchi and the freckles on the face, so that there is a local sense of warmth, the skin appears redness, and the degree of redness is especially important when moxibustion.Or moxibustion once every other night.

Passes through blood circulation, freckles.

  Treatment of melasma: Take 1 moxa stick before lying down, and then administer moxibustion on the facial melasma after lighting.
3 centimeters, redness develops to the local skin, and there is a sense of warmth. Moxibustion is performed for about 10 minutes. Be careful when the moxa ash falls on the skin during the moxibustion.

  Treatment of drooping eyelids: After igniting with moxa, suspend moxibustion from the upper eyelid to the forehead to local redness, consciously warm and comfortable, moxibustion for about 20 minutes.

Be careful not to drop the burned skin while moxibustion.
Once a night, 10 times is a course of treatment.

  Treatment of facial weight loss: before going to bed every night, light the moxa stick, sit in front of the bed, moxibustion Zusanli, Tianshu, Zhongxuan acupoints, each point of hanging moxibustion for about 5 minutes, local redness, conscious warmth and comfort.

Yiqi Jianpi, nourishing the face.

  Treatment of ulcers: After igniting the moxa stick, apply it on the facial cheekbones, Shimonoseki, giant bone, Yingxiang and other points, about 1?
2 cm, moxibustion at each point for 2 minutes, the degree of redness appeared on the local skin.

How to care for gastrointestinal health in autumn and summer

How to care for gastrointestinal health in autumn and summer

At the moment, even the “autumn tiger” is raging, but after all, it has already been in the heat. The temperature difference between morning and evening is penetrating, and it is cold and hot, and it changes the ability of people to adapt.

At the same time, it is also a prone period of respiratory system, skin diseases, especially urinary “emergency” diseases.

Why are there so many people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases in summer and autumn?

There are three main reasons: First, the weather is cool, people’s appetite increases, resulting in increased burden of hypertension, dysfunction; Second, the temperature difference between day and night penetration, a little careless can easily cause abdominal cold, or cause colon allergies, so that intestinal peristalsis is enhanced.
Lead to diarrhea; third, the body’s immune function will decline in the fall.

When the human body is stimulated by cold air, the chemical component of the blood increases in the acid, and the secretion of gastric acid increases, causing the confrontational contraction, which reduces the body’s resistance and adaptability, and is highly prone to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

The doctor specially reminded that when entering the season, you must pay attention to eating and drinking. The medicines in the family are often prepared for the timely maintenance of your stomach, and the habits that have adverse effects on the hospitalization have to be changed.

In addition, you should take good care of your family’s stomach, but also pay special attention to the following points: Point 1: Maintain healthy living habits, eat on time, avoid overeating, etc.; if the stomach is not good, reduce its smoke, alcohol, tea and coffee.The amount of absorption.

In addition, it is necessary to adhere to exercise, improve the function of the lungs and the tolerance of the body, and the brakes are more effective against the invasion of the Qiuqiu murder.

Point 2: Light diet and warmth to deal with gastrointestinal diseases in summer and autumn, the diet should follow the principle of “warm and soft”, three meals a day should be steamed, boiled, stewed, eat less spicy, greasy food.

Avoid eating too cold food, eat cold drinks, and take out food from the refrigerator.

Eat a diet that avoids overeating.

In addition, when the greedy cool family sleeps at night, be sure to pay attention to the abdomen not to be cold.

Point 3: Reasonable use of drugs in the summer and autumn high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases, mostly because of fatigue, cold or eating cold, excessive numbness caused by dysfunction, symptoms are mostly abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion, etc., this situation, timely takeOld Chinese medicine summer tea and strong tea can not only prevent and treat various symptoms of summer dampness, fatigue and weakness caused by cold and air-conditioning diseases, loss of appetite, fever, etc., but also a cure for gastrointestinal diseases caused by dietary factors.

Talc snail

Talc snail

Ingredients: Talc 両, Bai Maogen 両, Qu Mai, Wuqian, Psyllium, Qianqianzi, Mutong, Sanqian, and Tianluo one pound. Practice: Tianluo repeatedly dip with water and spit the sand, add medicinal materials, Tianluo, gingerCook with water for half an hour, season with salt.

  Talc ─ Lishui Tonglin White Grass Roots ─ Clearing Heat and Cooling Blood Qumai ─ Diuretic Tonglin Psyllium ─ ─ Diuresis and soaking wet wood tong ─ diarrhea and diuretic moist heat intrinsic type (prostate inflammation), turbid urine, astringency, Yellow urine.

  Psyllium three-money, Mutong three-money, Tianluo one-pound method: Tianluo repeatedly dip and spit the sand with fresh water, add medicinal materials, Tianluo, ginger and water to cook for half an hour, season with salt.

  Talc ─ Lishui Tonglin White Grass Roots ─ Clearing Heat and Cooling Blood Qumai ─ Diuretic Tonglin Psyllium ─ ─ Diuresis and soaking wet wood tong ─ diarrhea and diuretic moist heat intrinsic type (prostate inflammation), turbid urine, astringent astringency, Yellow urine.