Proof of postmenopausal osteoporosis

Proof of postmenopausal osteoporosis

The main clinical manifestations of this disease are: waist, back, pain in the limbs, fatigue, severe activity and even bedridden; easy to cause fractures due to minor trauma, diffuse bone tenderness can be found; hunchback or body shortened or compression fracture.

In biochemical indicators, serum osteocalcin (BGP), osteocalcin, is synthesized by osteoblasts and is an important indicator of bone formation. Serum alkaline phosphatase (AKP) is produced by osteoblasts or liver, and their activities are different.In normal liver function, it can be used as an indicator of bone formation; and the ratio of urinary calcium/creatinine (vca / cr) is an indicator of bone resorption.

The above indicators are higher than normal, lower than normal or in the normal range, respectively reflecting the shortening of the bone reconstruction cycle, extending or near normal.

Postmenopausal osteoporosis is the absorption of bone beyond bone formation.

  Nutritional factors play an additional role in the development of postmenopausal osteoporosis and have a certain impact on the occurrence of senile osteoporosis.

Mainly due to calcium deficiency, the reasons are: (1) insufficient long-term calcium supplementation.

Domestic and external nutrition survey materials indicate that the expected amount of calcium generally exceeds the standard amount.

The activities and food intake of the elderly are reduced, and calcium is more scarce.

  (2) Absorptive, due to lack of outdoor activities and receiving sunlight, vitamin D deficiency, 1.

The production of 25-(oH)2vDs is reduced in Nigeria, affecting the absorption of calcium by interactions.

  In addition, the activity of the elderly is reduced, the osteoblasts are reduced, and the activity of osteoclasts is relatively enhanced, and bone resorption is increased, which is one of the factors of primary osteoporosis.

  The main measures for correction are: (1) intake of sufficient calcium is the most basic method of osteoporosis.

To prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women, the calcium requirement is 1500 mg/day, and women over 65 should also increase to 2500 mg/day.

In order to prevent bone loss in the case of fasting at night, it is advisable to drink milk or take calcium before going to bed every night.

  (2) hormone replacement therapy.

It is best to use natural, short-acting, oral estrogen preparations.

Such as estradiol valerate, micronized estradiol 1-2 mg / day, estrogen 0.

625 mg / g, when the calcium intake reaches 1500 mg / g, the hormone can be reduced by half.

The commonly used synthetic hormone in the country is nylestradiol, which is an estriol derivative, oral 2 mg / 2 weeks, ethinyl estradiol 0.

005 mg / day, progesterone 2 mg / day, alternately taken every other day.

  In summary, pay attention to nutrition, make up the amount of calcium and strengthen exercise, is the basic means to correct postmenopausal osteoporosis, radical replacement therapy also has a special effect, should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

How can I get my wife to reach orgasm quickly?

How can I get my wife to reach orgasm quickly?

In young people, sex education is still a blank, so many couples are not harmonious in their sexual life.


How to conduct sex education to get your wife to reach orgasm quickly?


hzh {display: none; }  由于女性坐立,所以男性阴茎会100%进入女性身体,同时,齿骨开始撞击女性阴道。After about 30 seconds, the female bio-electricity expands to about 78%, begins the vaginal orgasm, and at the same time secretes more lubricating fluid.

  Female orgasm is divided into vaginal orgasm and intravaginal orgasm climax (after reaching the female asexual demand, the same as male ejaculation)).

Here is a method of sexual intercourse recommended by Western countries, which can basically reach the vaginal orgasm + intravaginal orgasm + comprehensive orgasm.

  There is a very big factor in the psychological climax of women, so we must first let women have no burden in their hearts, so we must flirt and caress.

  First, the normal position is inserted (male and female) about 1 minute and a half later.) – Change to a half position (male and female, male half asleep on the bed): This position male bio-electric trough will begin to decreaseIn order to avoid early diarrhea, at the same time, the semi-squat state can restore some physical strength, but this posture will reduce the female bio-electric trough, so it can only last for about 1 minute, and immediately change position – back type: this posture can makeThe female vagina is inserted into the penis with a length of 80%, and the pleasure is relatively strong, and the male is easy to find the force point, and the female buttocks are used as the fulcrum to start the movement.

  Because the front posture is half-clamped, the male is supplemented with physical strength, and the bio-electric trough is lowered, so the third posture is again.

When the back position is used, there is extra physical strength. With the force point, the penis enters at 80% length.

Adhere to this position for 2 minutes and a half to 4 minutes, female bioelectricity may get vaginal orgasm due to rapid and violent impact.

After 2 minutes and a half to 4 minutes, the male’s effective physical strength is basically used up, and it needs to be replenished immediately. The bioelectricity accumulation is about 40%.

————For women to sit upright, men lie down, women sit face to face with them.

The male physical trough begins to recover ====== The bioelectric trough begins to grow and is growing at a high speed.

Ball sports for the elderly

Ball sports for the elderly

Fitness ball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, billiards, croquet, etc. are not too big for sports, and are more suitable for the elderly.

  The fitness ball is an interesting and entertaining exercise.

When exercising.

Hold two fitness balls and turn them rhythmically in a clockwise direction.

The fitness ball can enhance the attachment and replenishment of the wrist and wrist joints; it can also enhance the finger force, palm power, wrist force, and is good for preventing the fingers and knuckles of the elderly and the wrist joints from being stiff.

In addition, playing the fitness ball can also stimulate the acupuncture points of the palm, can reverse the function of the central nervous system, play the brain and puzzle, and eliminate the effect of fatigue.

  Table tennis exercise can enhance the strength of the limbs, waist and buttocks muscles, improve the body’s tolerance, and effectively enhance visceral function and delay aging.

  Badminton and tennis equipment are simple, easy to carry, easy to master, indoor and external, can enhance the strength of the back muscles, improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex and the coordination and coordination of the cerebellum.

  The croquet is competitive, the game time is short, the amount of exercise is not large, but the fun is very strong, it is more suitable for the elderly.

The gantry exercise can enhance the back of the elderly, the muscle strength of the limbs, and also have a brain-building effect.

  Billiards is a fitness program that combines intelligence and physical strength, sports and entertainment.

Through the brain, moving legs, hands and foot movements, the elderly can achieve the purpose of physical fitness.

Massage five parts stronger than tonic

Massage five parts stronger than tonic

Pushing the back can make the body comfortable, and with some simple massage techniques, it is also very beneficial to the treatment of some chronic diseases of grandparents.

Because there are many acupuncture points on our neck, shoulders and buttocks, some common diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, low back pain, poor sleep quality, etc. have certain therapeutic effects for some corresponding acupoints.

  We can immediately learn some simple massage techniques, and send a heartfelt gift to your grandfather or grandfather during the holiday season, let them surprise and become your deep love.

  Key areas of massage: calibrated Dazhui points, Fengchi points on both sides of the hindbrain, Shenshu and Yaoyangguan at the waist.

  Massage technique: Our massage can start from the ladder first, without too much strength, gently press the 揉, use your fingers to gently pinch the grandfather, the grandfather pinches and pinches, let them relax by these buttons,Gradually adapt to your approach, boots build trust in you.

Because, Grandpa, the nose worm in the eyes of his grandfather, I have to give myself a massage this year. Building confidence in my grandchildren requires a process.

The entire relaxation process takes about 10 minutes.

  The second step is to push the spine, first in the middle, on the back, from top to bottom, with your thumb or curved index finger knuckles slowly push, about 10 minutes.

  The third step is to massage some key points, different pains, the corresponding points will be different.

Usually, I know more about the physical condition of my grandfather and grandfather. I know that they have some kind of chronic disease. Recently, the body is most uncomfortable, accompanying them, and supervising them to treat them. In addition to the different conditions, the key points of massage are the same, and the massage of acupressure is used.Usually a half-fist punch, blocked with a small fish (thumb muscle), pay attention to moderate force, use more force to not have to die.

The massage of the lumbosacral region is also very beneficial to the body. The fingers are downwards and the palms are inward, and the lumbosacral region is inserted into the lumbosacral region for about 5 minutes.

  After the massage is finished, the last set of kung fu will not be tolerated. We can start from the alignment and push the back with the whole palm. The technique should be coherent and evenly applied. In one go, from top to bottom, push to the ankle of the waist. This action is repeated.9 times, it is best to be a grandfather, the grandfather feels that the spine is hot, so that your massage technique is home.

  According to the relevant doctors, for some chronic diseases of the elderly, the different acupoints of different cases are as follows (as shown below): Hypertension: implanted under the spinous process of the seventh cervical spine and the spine of the seventh thoracic spine.

5 inch Yushu point; Criminal justice: push the back of the fifth thoracic spinous process next to the spine.

5 inch heart Shu point; Diabetes: high blood pressure in the eleventh thoracic spinous process.

5-inch spleen points; osteoporosis, degenerative joint pain: push the lower lumbar spine under the lumbar spine.

5 inch Shenshu point; excessive nocturia: push the lower lumbar spine under the fourth lumbar spine, which is equivalent to the waist and waist point at the waist belt; waist and leg pain: push the entire spine; poor sleep quality: press the earAmpoule between the posterior and cervical vertebrae; Obesity: Pressurized forearm volar Neiguan point; Constipation: Press the lumbosacral vertebrae and the fourth lumbar spine.

5-inch large intestines.

Autumn radish game ginseng!

Eat radish like this, nutritious and delicious!

Autumn radish game ginseng!
Eat radish like this, nutritious and delicious!

The weather is getting colder, and the season of radish is coming!

They all say “winter eat radish and eat ginger in summer”, but do you know why?

I am afraid some people think that it must be because the winter is cold, and eating radishes can warm up.

In fact, the opposite is true, radish is a cool thing.

Although the taste is slightly spicy, but the effect is not warming up, but it is in the heat.

Why do you eat radishes in winter?

First, defeat the fire.

Whether it is the air conditioning and heating of the contemporary people, or the heating of the ancient people’s stoves, it does not hinder a joke that some people in winter have “hot”.

As a result, the body naturally saves too much internal fire, and it needs the cool food of radish to defeat.

Second, adjust the recipe.

When the weather is cold, people will unconsciously increase the substitution of meat. From the perspective of food balance, it is also necessary to radish to adjust the heat in the diet.

The radish nutritional value of radish is one of the most economical vegetables in autumn and winter in Tanzania, and it is also the most affordable popular therapeutic drug.

Radish is rich in nutrients and is known as “small ginseng”.

It contains a variety of vitamins, such as vitamin A (ie carotene), vitamin B1, vitamin C, which vitamin C content is higher than pears and apples 8?
10 times.

The saccharification of the saccharin in the radish has the effect of helping to digest the starch in the food.

The radish medicinal value of radish is not only a dish in the dish, but also a good medicine for treatment. The local folks have “the radish is listed, the doctor is fine”, “winter eat radish and eat ginger in summer, do not doctors prescribe prescriptions.”

At first glance, these words, although there are certain exaggerated ingredients, but from the medicinal efficacy of the radish and the analysis of the ingredients contained, there is a certain scientific reason.

Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty in the country, highly praised radish and said that every meal must be eaten.

In his book “Compendium of Materia Medica”, he said that radish can “be suffocating, killing the valley and the middle, and smashing the heat.” People eat the greasy food such as big fish and big meat, and it will be comfortable to eat some radish.

According to research by medical scientists and nutritionists in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the United States, radish contains certain biological enzymes that can break down carcinogenic nitrosamines and a lignin, and have anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions.

In recent years, the medical community has also found that radish can reduce the concentration of plasma and blood lipids in the body, and it is also a substitute for the prevention of hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Radish diet radish mutton soup material: prepare green radish or white radish 1000 grams, 500 grams of mutton, onion, ginger, rice wine, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Practice: Wash the mutton to the fascia, cut into small squares, boil with cold water, remove blood and wash out.

The radish is washed and peeled, cut into a hob block and left for use.

First put the mutton into the pot, add some water and onions, ginger, rice wine, simmer until the five mature, then put the radish, simmer until simmered with low heat, add seasoning, you can eat.

Efficacy: It can be used as an auxiliary diet for tuberculosis and bronchiectasis patients.

Ume radish soup material: Take 3 pieces of ebony, 250 grams of fresh green radish or white radish, rock sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus.

Practice: Wash and peel the radish and cut into small pieces or thick slices.

Then put the ebony and radish in the casserole, add some water, simmer until simmered with low heat, add the right amount of crystal sugar, you can eat.

Efficacy: Applicable to patients with chest tightness caused by eating stagnation, heartburn, bloating, and gas reflux.

Sugar radish drink material: Take one fresh green radish or white radish, and the amount of crystal sugar.

Practice: Wash and peel the radish, cut into filaments, add rock sugar, and place it overnight, that is, there is juice oozing out, which can be called out.

Take juice once a day for a few days.

In order to get more juice, you can add cold water, and you can use honey juice instead of rock sugar.

Efficacy: It is suitable for patients with chronic bronchitis, cough, sore throat and so on.
Radish porridge material: Take fresh green radish or white radish, the previous rice or millet, corn, the right amount.
Practice: Wash and peel the radish, chopped, and porridge with the previous rice or millet and corn.

Efficacy: Suitable for patients with indigestion, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, hypertension, constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

How do elderly people get depression?

How do elderly people get depression?

Depression is a better mental illness.
Modern medicine has an effective means of treating this disease, and it can fully recover after treatment.

  There are three main types of treatment for depression, namely electrotherapy, medication and psychotherapy.

  Electrotherapy: Mainly used for patients with serious suicide attempts.

  Medication: Suitable for all types of depression.

A commonly used antidepressant is a tricyclic antidepressant.

Among them, Duoyiping can be used for patients with milder disease and obvious anxiety; amitriptyline, which is more serious and insomnia; imipramine, heavier but no insomnia, pregnant women and ECG replacementThose who are stagnation should not take it.

Such as orthostatic hypotension, rapid heartbeat, constipation, dry mouth, difficulty urinating, angioedema, limb tremors, ECG changes and so on.

Therefore, under the guidance of a doctor, take antidepressants, start with a small dose, and observe the substitution of drugs.

  Psychotherapy patients with less complication of depression.

As the saying goes, heart disease still needs medicine.
According to psychotherapy, it plays an important role in the treatment of depression.

I have to help patients fully understand themselves and objectively understand the surrounding environment.

Because people with depression are overestimated by their own low self-blame, they should help them to analyze their achievements from the shallower to the deeper.
Improve their evaluation of themselves.

The elderly help patients expand their range of activities, enhance their ability to adapt to society, respond to the environment, and rebuild their confidence.

Special attention should be paid to helping patients improve their relationship and relationships with those around them.

Of course, to help patients learn to reduce the tension of the skills, in case of difficulties, frustration should first press a anger or resentment, and then go to friends or psychiatrists to talk about difficulties, can not be bored in my heart.

Tell the patient that people will have good life and unsatisfactory life, and the old saying is good.
“Four beautiful”[good time, beautiful scenery, appreciation, joy]is difficult, do not have to worry about the small things.

In this way, the mood will become relaxed, open-minded, and can withstand the contradictions and conflicts that are blocked.

Furthermore, families should give patients more care and care. Children should take the initiative to comfort the elderly. They should help the elderly to reschedule their lives. They should be social activities such as entertainment, sports, labor, etc., and expand the scope of activities for the elderly and return to society.The embrace of the old man avoids the loneliness of the old man and makes him feel the warmth of the family.

If you have the conditions, you can make your trip pleasing to the eye and open your mind.

  For heavier patients, especially those who are emotionally negative and pessimistic, those who have a bad feeling about the world should strengthen family care and prevent patients from committing suicide.

Some patients have obviously improved their condition after taking the medicine, and they should not relax their vigilance. It is best to send them to hospital for treatment.

Enter the ancient town of Bian to explore the red legend

Enter the ancient town of Bian to explore the red legend

Bing’an Ancient Town is a typical ancient town on the border of northern Sichuan and northern Sichuan. It is located on the ancient road of Sichuan and Chongqing, 12 kilometers away from Chishui City.

The three sides of Bian’an Town are on the verge of the Chishui River. There are many hanging houses on the banks of the river that are supported by dozens of round logs.

There is only one narrow stone street in the ancient town. It has been an important place for commodity trading in several villages since ancient times.

  The ancient town is more than 10 meters high from the river beach. Two stone gates guard the mouth of the east and west.

A vigorous and quaint rhubarb eucalyptus tree next to the door.

A ladder was drawn along the cliff wall, and many hanging houses were built on the wrong floor.

These old buildings are mostly hidden in the green bushes and banana forests, and the stone steps built along the cliff walls extend to the beach.

There is only one narrow stone street in the ancient town. It is about 400 meters long. It has been a place for tourists from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The inns, restaurants and teahouses abound, and most of the residents in the town are therefore employed.

  As time went by, Chishui River washed away the lead of Bing’s ancient past, and the prosperity of the past was gradually calm and quiet.

Feet on the slate street with moss, seeing the wooden wall without the paint spots, the sun scatters between the two sides of the tile house, like a piece of old yellow photos.

The old houses, the old tiles, and the old walls are all covered with the vicissitudes of history.

  The ancient town of Bian is full of red legends.

On January 25, 1935, the Red Army Corps was ordered to attack and fight Chishui County, and the Central Red Army was prepared to open the channel from the north of the Yangtze River and the four sides of the Yangtze River between Zhangzhou and Yibin. After the commander of the army led Lin Biao to attack Bing, the commander of the generalsThe Ministry of Education and the Department of Red Second Division were set up in the ancient town of Bing, and led the famous Bing, Fuxing and Huangqidong battles.

On the 28th, he was ordered to return to Tucheng to help, and the Red Army was able to cross the Chishui smoothly.

Since then, the Central Red Army’s “Sidu Chishui” campaign has been unveiled.

In 2005, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Propaganda Department, the National Tourism Administration and other 13 departments, the Commission approved Bing for the national red tourism classics, and included in the national red tourism boutique line.

The Bing’an Red Army Memorial Hall has become the only memorial hall of the Red Army in the country.

The most beautiful and simple tricks for wearing skirts

The most beautiful and simple tricks for wearing skirts

Who doesn’t want to have a charming calf line?

However, maybe you can sit there and have a dream figure?

Still exercise!

  Main action: The legs are on the back of the floor, the abdomen is tightened, hands are placed beside them, and the shoulders are relaxed.

The left foot flexes and bends until the sole of the foot lays flat on the ground, and the right foot is straight, trying to raise upwards.

Gently straighten the toes of your right foot and keep it straight, then turn the clock ten turns, then turn the clock back ten small circles.

When you turn your right leg, the hips and calves will feel tight. When the legs turn to the center of the body, the thighs will be tightened. After the completion, the left leg repeats the above actions.

Do two or three times a week, one to three groups at a time (for beginners, only one group), six weeks should be effective.

  Other leg-lifting skating is an effective adjustment of the movement of the leg muscles, as the athlete’s feet often push forward and sideways.

You can go to the park for 30 minutes of roller skating every day, during which you can improve your movements, such as leaning over and going uphill.

  Side kicks and sweeps in boxing have a great effect on tightening your legs.

  Participate in a baseball class and all the beating moves can make a wonderful effect on your legs.

  When doing the ring puller, you can concentrate on the front and rear parts of the leg, do a warm-up for five minutes, then do 15 minutes at medium speed or five minutes at high speed, and take a five-minute soothing action.

  When skipping the rope, the one-legged and the two-legged jump can be alternately performed, and the switch is performed once every minute, and the skipping time is ten to fifteen minutes each time.

Falling in this position can prevent disease in autumn?

Falling in this position can prevent disease in autumn?

Focus on sleep can raise both “sleeping food,” for the health care.

“Good sleep can replenish energy and rejuvenate. It has the effect of “cultivating Yin and cultivating yuan”.

Therefore, master the essentials of sleep and health, and change the way to maintain a simple and easy way to maintain health.

  Traditional Chinese medicine infers the overall view of “Heaven and Man”, the human body must maintain the harmony of the body, but also pay attention to the harmony with the external environment of nature.

Chen Xiuhua, deputy director of the Traditional Rehabilitation Center of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after the spring, summer, long summer, autumn harvest, winter seasons, the human body must be adapted to it, so there is a “four o’clock health”.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the yang of nature gradually converges and closes. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the maintenance of the yin in the living, which causes the sleep health to be justified.

  ”Early morning and early morning, winter morning and evening” is the main way to sleep and health at this time.

For specific sleep time, it is recommended to take a break every night (ie 9:00-11) to help you fall asleep at the time of child (11:1 to 13:00).

Because the child is the weakest yang, when the yin is the most prosperous, then sleep, the most able to raise yin, the quality of sleep is also the best, often can achieve twice the result of the health effect.

  There are different opinions about the direction of sleeping, which is amazing.

Some studies have pointed out that due to the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, people take the position of the head north and south when they sleep, so that the magnetic field lines smoothly penetrate the human body, which can instead reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field.

Previous ancient healthologists believed that the direction of human sleep should change with the alternation of spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons.

The famous medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, mentioned in the “Qian Jin Fang”: “The mortal is lying, spring and summer to the east, autumn and winter to the west.

“This is because of the “should be lying in the air at four o’clock”, because the five seasons of Chinese medicine correspond to the five parties, there are Chundong, Xia Nan, Chang Xiazhong, Qiu Xi, Dongbei, so sleepThe orientation also corresponds to the current solar terms.

  Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua pointed out that although these theories have certain truths, they are affected by the orientation of the houses and the layout of the home in real life, and there are certain limitations. The citizens do not have to be too particular about these theories, which leads to unnecessary worry.

On the contrary, it is recommended that everyone should pay attention to ensure adequate sleep time, before going to sleep should be “seduce the mind”, drink hot milk or royal jelly, or use warm water to massage, preferably with foot massage, etc., to benefit “heart and kidneyIntersect”. These measures have a more pronounced effect on improving sleep quality.

  Medicinal diet sleep sleep disorders insomnia, dreams, shallow sleep, easy to wake up, I believe is the most familiar leak in the sub-health urban people.

These sleep disorders belong to the TCM theory of “not swearing”, “depression”, “flawy”, “heart palpitations” and other samples, which are associated with various diseases and cause different types of sleep disorders.

Such as depression is associated with Western medicine depression, anxiety syndrome, older syndrome, old and physical or chronic illness, and “fatigue” will also affect sleep; sleep disorders caused by digestive disorders, and Chinese medicine”The stomach is not harmonious, it is restless” is consistent; cardiovascular palpitations, shortness of breath and nighttime paroxysmal dyspnea can also affect sleep.

Some small recipes about mulberry that are popular among the people, worth collecting

Some small recipes about mulberry that are popular among the people, worth collecting


Treatment of chronic illness and insomnia: 30 grams of mulberry, 15 grams of fried jujube, 10 grams of Baiziren, decoction 3 times, 1 dose per day.


Take 500 grams of fresh and ripe mulberry, 1000 ml of rice wine, soak for 1-2 months, 2 times a day, 1 cup each time, can be used for anemia or adjuvant treatment.


Treatment of vertigo tinnitus: 30 grams of mulberry, the first black 30 grams, 20 grams of Huang Jing, decoction 3 times service, 1 dose per day.


Treatment of dim flowers: 30 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of medlar, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, decoction 3 times, 1 dose per day.


Mulberry, honey, the right amount, the mulberry water decoction juice, simmering cream, add honey and mix well drink, each time 10-15 grams, 2-3 times a day.

It can nourish yin and blood, and is suitable for yin deficiency caused by yin deficiency, head stun, woman, amenorrhea and so on.


Treatment of night sweats: 30 grams of mulberry, 30 grams of floating wheat, 10 grams of Schisandra, decoction 3 times, 1 dose per day.


40 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of rock sugar, brewed with boiling water.

The mulberry is cold and cold, the sugar is flat and the spleen is dry, and the stool is dry due to insufficient intestinal fluid.


Treating Tianjin wounds and thirst: 60 grams of fresh mulberry, washed with gauze wrap and juice, washed with warm water, once a day.


Treatment of iron deficiency: 30 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of jujube, 30 grams of rock sugar, put in the pot after stewing, take 1 dose per day.


30 grams of mulberry, 60 grams of glutinous rice, porridge, when cooked, transferred to a small amount of rock sugar, 1 dose a day.

Can nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and eyesight.