[Can pregnant women eat fried broad beans]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat fried broad beans]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

For pregnant women, try not to eat fried broad beans. After all, fried broad beans are relatively high, which can easily lead to indigestion in pregnant women, and easily cause constipation, and it is more prone to bleeding after defecation.Not good. If you like to eat it, you can add dried fried fava beans. The conversion is relatively low and it contains high-quality protein. This is good for pregnant women, and it is also good for pregnant women.

Can pregnant women eat fried broad beans In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the pregnancy reaction, pregnant women are more difficult to absorb after eating fried foods, which will lead to poor appetite and reach pregnancy 4?
At 7 months, the uterus of a pregnant woman will enlarge, and it will be subject to compression, poor bowel movements, and constipation easily occurs after eating fried foods. In severe cases, it may also cause bleeding in the stool.

The adverse effect of pregnant women eating fried food on food: Because the oil of fried food is repeatedly heated and boiled, it is easy to deteriorate and contains high carcinogenic and toxic substances.

Pregnant women often eat this fried food, transforming toxic substances into the body, harming their health, and hurting developing fatty acids.

Some fried foods include fried dough sticks, oil cakes, alum employees, clear intermediate aluminum, and excessive ground aluminum in the human body, which can cause symptoms such as hair loss and memory loss. Too much aluminum in pregnant women often affects their brain health.It also affects affected brain development.

Dietary advice for pregnant women: Do not eat fried foods more than twice a week; do not eat fried foods at dinner to prevent excessive energy accumulation during the evening of continuous activities; do not buy fried foods sold at street food stalls; Do not fry food repeatedly with the same pot of oil; after eating fried foods, you can eat more Qinglai, fruits, in order to balance nutrients.

There are some dietary contraindications for pregnant women1. It is not appropriate to eat a high-fat diet: If a pregnant woman has a high-fat diet for a long time, it is bound to increase the risk of potential reproductive system cancers with diabetes.

Eating high-faecal foods for a long time increases the bile acid and neutral cholesterol concentrations in the large intestine. At the same time, high-faecal foods can increase the synthesis of prolactin, which results in pregnancy and is not good for the health of mothers and infants.

2, should not be high-protein diet: high-protein diet during pregnancy will affect the appetite of pregnant women, increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, easily cause abdominal distension, loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue and other phenomena.

3, should not be high-sugar diet: pregnant women with high blood sugar are prone to high blood pressure, but also easily lead to congenital malformations of hypertension, pregnancy toxemia and so on.

4, should not be high calcium diet: pregnant women blindly on a high calcium diet, a lot of milk, plus calcium tablets, vitamin D, etc., harmful and not beneficial.

Pregnant women with excessive calcium supplementation may have hypercalcemia in the fetus. After birth, the child’s cardia will close too early, and the jawbone will become wide and prominent, which is unfavorable for healthy growth and development.

[Can you eat red dates in confinement]_ postpartum _ can you eat

[Can you eat red dates in confinement]_ postpartum _ can you eat

Jujube is rich in nutrients. Too many people worry about its efficacy and contraindications. Among them are confinement mothers. For confinement mothers, the nutrients in vitamins (vitamins, proteins, etc.)It can improve the immunity of mothers, improve the postpartum weakness of spleen and stomach, lack of qi and blood, and backache. It has a nourishing effect on postpartum physical deficiency, and it is feasible and diverse to meet the different eating habits of confinement mothers.

Vitamin C, glucose and protein in red dates can improve people’s physical immunity and enhance their ability to fight disease.

It is especially suitable for mothers with weak spleen and stomach and insufficient blood after delivery. Red dates can be used for soup, porridge, and steamed rice.

Some mothers worry that red dates will affect the discharge of lochia, which can be eaten after the second week after delivery.

During confinement, the new mother must brush her teeth to avoid dental problems.

If the new mother has sore waist and soreness after giving birth, you can try the red date chicken soup, which can effectively improve the soreness of waist and knee, as well as the effects of nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and nourishing kidney.

Preparation materials: 30 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 500 grams of chicken, 10 grams of wolfberry, 8 red dates, 3 slices of ginger, lard and salt.

Method: First blanch the chicken with hot water, wash it with water and set aside.

Lycium barbarum and red dates are also pitted and washed.

Put the right amount of water in the cooking pot, put the chicken, red dates and wolfberry after boiling, boil for about 2 hours on low heat, and finally add lard, refined salt, and seasoning.

The efficacy of red dates 1.

Jujube can improve human immunity and reduce cholesterol: pharmacological studies have found that red dates can promote the production of white blood cells, reduce serum insulin, increase serum albumin, protect the liver, red dates also contain substances that inhibit toxins, and can even accumulate substances that transform into normal cells.


People who regularly eat fresh dates rarely suffer from gallstones. This is because the rich vitamin C in fresh dates changes the excess cholesterol in the body into bile acids, which reduces the probability of stone formation.


Calcium and iron in dates are important for osteoporosis implantation and postpartum anemia. Middle-aged and elderly people often have osteoporosis. Young people and women who are at the peak of growth and development are prone to anemia. Jujube will be very ideal for them.The effect of food therapy is usually incomparable with drugs.


It also has a good nourishing effect on those who are physically weak after illness.


Rutin contained in jujube can soften blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure, and has therapeutic effects on hypertension.


Anti-allergic, deodorant, weird, calming and soothing, nourishing brain and strengthening appetite.


It has a good ability to strengthen muscles, eliminate fatigue, dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contractility and improve myocardial nutrition.


Jujube contains a large number of sugars, mainly glucose, but also fructose, sucrose and low molecular weight composed of glucose and fructose, Arab metabolism and galactaldehyde decomposition, etc .; and a large amount of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamine, Carotene, nicotinic acid and other vitamins.

With enhanced nourishing effect, can improve human immune function and enhance disease resistance.

NavInfo (002405): the industry is weak but core business is stable; innovative business is committed to bringing forward momentum

NavInfo (002405): the industry is weak but core business is stable; innovative business is committed to bringing forward momentum

Weak second-quarter 2019 results, but in line with market expectations The company announced its second-quarter 2019 results: revenue 5.

6.2 billion, up 4 each year.

5%; net profit attributable to mother is RMB 43.57 million, which is extended by 51 each year.

5%, mainly due to weak car sales dragged down heavy businesses, and the expansion of Siwei Zhilian increased.

We think the market has already expected this.

Development trend The navigation business is strong, and the ADAS business is growing against the market: the company’s navigation business achieved revenue in the first half of the year4.

41 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

43%, benefiting from the high proportion of the company’s high-end customers and better anti-interference.

ADAS business grew strongly, increasing 141% to 4,831 million in the first half of the year, benefiting from increased orders from high-end automakers such as BMW and the incremental business of other emerging high-end customers.

According to the data of the China Automobile Association, passenger car sales fell by 12% in the first half of 2019. Despite the overall weakness in the automobile market, the company’s high-end customers still perform well. We expect the company’s navigation business to grow steadily and the ADAS business to continue to perform strongly.
The chip business is under pressure for the time being, and the reserve products are expected to be accumulated. In the first half of the year, the revenue from the chip business continued to fall by 34%, and Jeff ‘s net profit could replace 68%.

Mainly due to the low prosperity of the automotive industry, which caused pressure on IVI chip sales and prices.

However, the company’s research and development promotion efforts continue, and new products are in the market introduction period.

It is believed that through the development of Jiefa Technology MCUs and tire pressure detection chips, the company’s chip business is expected to usher in a new stage of development.

Expenditure on subsidiaries increases high-potential businesses that are expected to bring forward momentum.

The company cultivates and incubates many high-potential businesses, but there are supplementary pressures in the short term.

In the first half of the year, Siwei Zhilian in the field of passenger car networking increased from 176% to 2.

35 trillion, causing a drag on the investment income budget.

Century Qualcomm in the field of dynamic traffic information and big data has performed exceptionally. In the first half of the year, revenue grew 42% and net profit exceeded 88%.

We expect these businesses to provide growth momentum in the long run.

High-end positioning business Liufen Technology completed a strategic investment of 12.5 million yuan in April 2019.

We believe that potential similar events in the future are expected to allow some of the value of incubated high-potential businesses to achieve initial results in terms of investment returns.

Earnings Forecasts and Estimates We lowered our 2019/20 revenue forecast10.

2% / 7.

6% to 22.

700 million / 27.

9 trillion, mainly due to the weak business climate in the automotive industry; adjusted net profit for 2019/20 -2.

7% / 16.

4% to 4.

86 ‰ / 5.

30,000 yuan, mainly reassessed investment income.

We maintain our Outperform rating, but based on short-term pressure from the chip business, we lower our 重庆耍耍网 target price by 19% to 17 yuan, corresponding to 68.

5x 2019 P / E ratio based on 2019 segment aggregate valuation method.

The company is currently trading at 60.


7x 2019/20 price-earnings ratio, our target price has 13% growth potential.

Risk Auto market sales are weak; chip business advances less than expected.

Shuanghui Development (000895): Low-cost inventory eases pressure and advantages in the industrial chain appear

Shuanghui Development (000895): Low-cost inventory eases pressure and advantages in the industrial chain appear

The company’s third quarter revenue and profit increased by 28.

1% and 21.

9%. Against the background of the sharp increase in pig prices, the company contributed to the sales of frozen meat and cross-region fresh meat sales, the slaughtering business grew, and meat products took various measures to hedge against cost pressures. Under the background of continuous price increases, sales volume continued to increase slightly.If the price continues to rise, sales may face additional tests.

Although the overall net profit margin fell slightly, the company’s efficiency as a leader in global industry chain integration and operational efficiency appeared.

Considering the subsequent release of low-priced inventory, we adjust the EPS forecast for 19-20 to 1.

58 and 1.

70 yuan, 20 times 17 times PE, target price of 29 yuan, maintain “careful recommendation-A” investment rating.

Against the background of soaring pig prices, slaughtering business is driving revenue growth28.

1%, inventory is still increasing reserves.

The company’s revenue for the first three quarters of 19 was 419.

900 million, net profit attributable to mother 39.

4 ‰, an increase of 14 in ten years.

6% and 8.

0%, of which single Q3 income 165.

600 million, net profit attributable to mother 15.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 28.

1% and 21.


Under the background of the rapid rise in pig prices, the sales of frozen meat and the sale of fresh meat across the region benefited greatly.

Single Q3 gross profit margin 19.

3%, down -2.

0, the marginal decline narrowed, confirming the release of stock and imported pork hedge effect.

Selling expense ratio 4.

4%, a decrease of 0.

9pc, under the cost pressure of meat products, the margin of release has slowed down, and it is related to the growth and growth of slaughtering business.

Inventories continued to increase sharply to 72 at the end of the third quarter.

0 million yuan, still reserves raw materials for subsequent cost increases (expected increase in imported pork stocks).

Slaughter business: Revenue has grown significantly40.

6%, overlapping sales of frozen meat and cross-region fresh meat sales, single-quarter profit doubled.

In 19Q3, 2.59 million heads were slaughtered, a decrease of 31%, and the single quarter income of slaughtering business was 105.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 40 in ten years.

6%, driven by high pork prices, single season slaughtering operating profit4.

800 million, a sharp increase of 147 previously.

6%, the release of early low-priced inventory, and the overlapping contribution of cross-region fresh meat sales, the average profit in a single season is as high as 179 yuan.

Meat products business: In the context of continuous price increases, sales volume has increased slightly to become a bright spot, and more measures have been taken to hedge cost pressures.

Sales of meat products in 19Q3 were 43.

9 for the first time, at least 2.

1%, sales income 68.2 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.

1%. Against the background of five consecutive small price increases for meat products since the end of last year, it is not easy to maintain a positive increase in meat product sales in the third quarter (the sales volume in the first three quarters was 122).

5 nominal, slightly increased by 0.

8%), operating profit 14.

7 percent, an increase of 11.

0%, low-cost pork and imported pork, adjustment of structure, ton price increase and efficiency improvement, etc., combined with hedging cost pressure, it is estimated that the average profit per ton will increase by about 9% to 3390 yuan / ton.

The comprehensive advantages of the industrial chain show that branding of meat products still needs to be increased.

Under the rapid rise in the pig cycle, the company’s third quarter adopted comprehensive measures such as frozen meat release and cross-regional sales to hedge cost pressures and amplify the profitability of the slaughter business. Although the overall net profit margin fell slightly, it still reflects the company’s integration and integration as a global industry chain.Operational efficiency.

It should be more concerned that the company’s meat products business has maintained a strong price against the background of continuous internal price increases throughout the year, demonstrating the absolute leading market share. Inherent consumers have a higher 武汉桑拿 acceptance of price increases, but if subsequent price increases continue,Sales will face the test of focus.

In addition, this year’s “Shuanghui Chopsticks Kitchen” invited Huang Lei as the spokesperson, which is a breakthrough in the company’s marketing scale. However, the sales expense rate fell during the year. Under the pressure of cost, it is understandable that it is still looking forward to brand growth and the cultivation of young consumer groups.
Investment suggestion: raise the target price to 29 yuan, temporarily maintain the “prudent recommendation-A” investment rating.

Against the background of the sharp rise in pig prices, the company’s slaughtering business contributed significantly through the sale of frozen meat and cross-region fresh meat sales, demonstrating the company’s strength as an integrated leader 重庆耍耍网 in the industrial chain and the continuous increase in prices of meat products. The sales volume maintained a slight increase.

Considering the continued release of low-priced inventory, we adjust the EPS forecast for 19-20 to 1.

58 and 1.

70 yuan (1 last time.

49 and 1.

51 yuan), with a 20-year 17x PE and a target price of 29 yuan, maintaining the “careful recommendation-A” investment rating.

Risk warning: demand continues to fall, meat products are less than expected, and costs have increased significantly

Four exercises to warm up your yoga

Four exercises to warm up your yoga

Warm-ups for yoga are becoming more and more rare. In fact, many yoga exercises are doing yujia and warm-up, but there is no special warm-up exercise. Let’s introduce the four exercises of yoga warm-up.

  Of course, I like to practice the yoga sun worship as a warm-up exercise. However, as time goes by, it is unavoidable and the sun worship is not suitable for beginners with stiff bodies. Therefore, today I introduce a simple set of warm-up exercises. 2It can be completed in 3 minutes. Of course, the recommended yoga warm-up time is 5-10 minutes, so you can practice a combination of movements more than twice, or you can take a few deep breaths during each movement.

  Exercise 1. Turn your head 1, exhale, lower your head, and feel the muscles stretched. You should bring your chin closer to your chest.

  2. Inhale, turn your head clockwise from the right side, and return to the lowered position.

  3. Look up and adjust your breathing.

  4. Inhale and lift your head backwards, feeling that your jaw muscles are stretched.

  5. Exhale and turn your head counterclockwise from the beginning.

  6, head back to the center, adjust breathing.

  Action essentials: Control the rotation of the head, especially when you reach the front, rear, left, and right azimuth points to consciously stretch and make a short stay.

  Exercise 2 Turn your body 1, stand with your feet parallel to your shoulders, bend your posture slightly, keep your back straight, and your hands hang down naturally. Do not exert pressure on your wrists and inhale.

  2. Exhale, shake your arms, and your upper body will also turn. Turn to the left and then to the right. Pay attention to keep breathing during the rotation.

  Essentials of movement: Stand firmly on both feet, turn the body around the spine, and have rhythmic movements.

  Exercise 3 Relax the hip joint and pelvis 1. Sit with your feet facing each other, point out, and place your hands on the side of the same side.

  2. While exhaling, use both hands to step down to the ground vertically.

  Action essentials: The action of the downward tilting action must be rhythmic, and at the same time, it must have the consciousness that all the exhaust gas accumulated in the body has become cleaned by Dan Tian (this action can also treat dysmenorrhea).

  Exercise 4: Front and back, waist, hips, ankles relax 1, sitting position, legs wide open, arched legs, hands supporting the body from behind.

  2. Exhale and lean your legs to the right.

  3. Inhale, return, exhale, lean your legs to the left.

  Essentials of movement: Keep your hips still, alternate between left and right, and lean back.

  This set of warm-up exercises also has the advantage that it can be used to relax and relax after yoga fatigue, or if the exercise time is not sufficient, it is also good to practice as a 3-minute yoga exercise.

  Maybe this exercise is redundant in the eyes of many people, but if the people who actually practice yoga will understand that yoga warm-up before practicing yujia will be very effective for the next exercises.

Psychologists think 10 people are not suitable for starting a business

Psychologists think 10 people are not suitable for starting a business

Not all people have entrepreneurial talents. What kind of person is not suitable for entrepreneurship?

  Social psychologists believe that the following 10 kinds of people are not suitable for starting a business: 1. Others with professional awareness.

Professional consciousness is people’s sense of identity for the profession they are engaged in. It can instead stimulate people’s vitality and creativity, and is a substitute for professionalism.

However, some salaried workers are professionally aware of the work they are engaged in, and are satisfied with mechanically completing their own tasks, so as to be enterprising and initiative, which is not suitable for the fierce competition environment.

  2. People with a strong sense of superiority.

Self-confidence is high, and it is difficult to integrate with the collective.

  3, the supremacy of obedience, can only say “yes” to people.

Such people lack independence, initiative and creativity.

If you start a business, you can only follow the old rules, and it is difficult to carry out pioneering work, which is not good for the company’s development.

  4. Lazy people.

Such people are called “wage thieves.”

The labor and wages they pay do not match, they only complain, chat, and waste time by dangling around every day, affecting others’ work.

  5. One-sided and arrogant people.

Some people only pay attention to the shortcomings of others, and do not see the advantages of others; some people always like to reduce others and elevate themselves, always thinking that they are the strongest, and there are great flaws in personality.

  6, rigid people.

The total amount of work budget is based on empirical dogma to deal with everything, refuses to respond flexibly, and is accustomed to using conventions as golden rules.

  7, emotional people.

You have to be rational when dealing with anything. Emotional users often use emotion instead of principle. You can’t use reason to control yourself.

  8. “Mouth and tongue” and “stubborn opinion” people.

People who talk loudly and verbally, no matter what, they have to insert a few words; those who are “stubborn” never listen to the opinions of others.

  9, timid and afraid of things, no idea, the leaves fall afraid of smashing his head.

Such people would rather be conservative than dare to try to innovate.

  10. People who suffer, but who are prone to self-sufficiency.

A little gain, ecstatic; a little frustration, a loss, emotional ups and downs, and imbalance.

  Of course, everything in the world is by no means static.

Sociologists believe that personality can be transformed, and any person can fully pay attention to overcoming personality defects, overcoming personality defects, changing personality types, and constantly enriching and improving himself in practice.

If you have the above ten personality defects, but you are already on the road to entrepreneurship, or even become a boss or person in charge, you need to learn to reuse talents and replace the wisdom of others to make up for personal shortcomings, leading to failure.

Every day in yoga, I am happy to be a thin beauty

Every day in yoga, I am happy to be a thin beauty

I ca n’t find enough time to exercise every day.

Sedentary every day, the excess meat slowly increases?

I don’t sleep well every day, and often lose my energy?

Yoga can help you solve these problems.

Take ten minutes in the morning, refreshing; take ten minutes at noon, the extra meat will not come again; spend ten minutes at night, sweet dreams until dawn!

Now, I will introduce these simple yoga exercises to everyone, let’s do it together?
Suitable for morning awakening yoga baby step 1. Make your knees separate from your hips, kneel on the ground, and your feet close to the ground; 2. Exhale, sit down, relax your complications; 3, let youPut your knees together and put your hands on your thighs; 4. Keep straight and relax your shoulders and upper body; 5. Bend forward and close to your thighs; 6. Keep your forehead on the ground; 7,Extend your forwards and forwards as much as possible. 8. Keep this position for two minutes and recover.

Mountain-style step 1, with your feet apart from your hips wide, natural length; 2. Inhale, hold your feet firmly on the ground; 3. Exhale, let your body weight be evenly distributed to your feet, and relax your toes; 4, Feel your lower plate is very stable; 5, feel that your spine is extended; 6, relax your front, hands naturally hang on both sides of the body; 7, inhale, head backwards, look upwards, stare forwardDo not move; 8, exhale, relax your connection, eyes, chin, throat; 9, maintain this position for 1-2 minutes, slowly feel your body and keep parallel.

Warrior one step, stand on the mountain, with your feet 3-4 steps apart; 2. Bend your front feet, move your hind feet to straighten your hind legs; 3. Your head, shoulders, shoulders and knees are facingFront and front; 4. Inhale, raise your upper head with both hands, fingers crossed, pointing your fingers to the sky; 5, relax your shoulders; look forward; 6, keep this position for 15 seconds-1 minute.


Beauty anti-aging to stay young is not a dream_1

Beauty anti-aging stay young is not a dream

It is not a dream to appease the number one activist to stay young.

hzh {display: none; }  头号好动分子学名自由基,肌肤衰老的头号诱因。  Small file: the most active factor in the skin.

Medical scientists call it “the source of all evil, the culprit of every disease.”

Because it is lively and active, it is prone to oxidative reactions, which causes the skin to smash like iron utensils, and the melons and fruits gradually become yellow-brown after being cut open, losing vitality and no longer young.

The action characteristics are particularly lively.

Sun exposure, computer radiation, smoking, drinking, stress, bad mood, insomnia, high temperature, excessive exercise, junk food are all factors that increase its quantity and activity, it will take the opportunity to destroy the skin’s collagen and elastic fibers, and promote the birth ofMelanin, which causes dryness and wrinkles, does nothing wrong.

  Anti-oxidation is used as a way of life in confrontation: free radicals are inevitable, pollution, sun exposure, etc. These environmental impacts we must face every day, as well as internal factors such as rest time, smoking, mood and stress, will cause free radicalsproduce.

Darkness, relaxation, dryness, fine wrinkles and other aging indicators are directly related to free radicals.

Therefore, the fight against free radicals through antioxidants should be a lifestyle that should be established since the age of 20, and antioxidant skin care products should also become a must-have in life.

  Get close to “Brassin”: Studies have found that a pigment called “Brassin” in plants has strong antioxidant capacity. It is actually yellow, purple, orange and red in plants or fruits.Generic term for pigments.

We usually get a lot of brassin from green tea, grapes, pine skins, watermelons and tomatoes and tomatoes, and the expensive antioxidant drug labels are both healthy and affordable.

  Driving away the number one Lai Pi molecule to achieve anti-aging 100% number one Lai Pi molecular scientific name sugar molecule, is the second leading cause of aging.

  Profile: One of the best and most skin-reliant molecules in the skin.

A few years ago, there was a saying that “sugar can cause aging”, because too much sugar can generate a lot of free radicals.

This year, many brands have put forward the idea of “anti-glycation”, pointing out that too much sugar makes the skin aging, and only by a combination of anti-oxidation and anti-glycation, can we achieve 100% anti-aging.

The action features Super Lapi.

When it absorbs too much sugar, it will cling to collagen, protein fibers, and cell membranes, resulting in changes in collagen structure and damage to fiber drying.

Skin that was originally full of elasticity lost its vitality due to the adhesion of sugar molecules, became stiff, loose, and wrinkled.

  Confrontation means to enhance the “body constitution” of the collagen: sugar makes collagen lose its elasticity. In addition to the strong adhesion of the sugar, it is also related to the weakness of the “body constitution” of the collagen.

Healthy collagen overcomes resistance to sugar.

Therefore, adhere to the use of skin care products to improve collagen elasticity, oral collagen foods can be “anti-glycation”.

  Let the skin emit sweet traps: there are already products developed for anti-glycation on the market, whose main role is to prevent and eliminate the damage caused by excess sugar to the skin.

In addition, more and more brands are beginning to be involved in the impact of saccharification on the skin, and more anti-glycation products will be launched.

  Eat less sugar and earn more youth: The body needs the right amount of sugar to provide the energy required for normal operation, but excess sugar will “consume” youth.

In order to avoid taking too much sugar in your diet, you should usually try to eat less high-fat, high-protein, high-carbohydrate, highly processed or extremely high-temperature sweets.

Low-fat foods such as fish, fruits, and vegetables can make your skin healthier.

  Balanced oil-producing wall grass in the autumn is not dry. Oil-producing wall grass has the scientific name of sebaceous glands. It is an essential factor for skin to maintain moisture, but it is also the culprit of dry skin and acne.

  Small file: the most volatile molecules in the skin.

Its catheter opens in the hair follicle and is responsible for secreting oil to the skin surface.

As long as its secretion is normal, the skin will remain in a perfect state without oil and dryness.

Naked sleep can prevent insomnia

Naked sleep can prevent insomnia

Naked sleep can prevent insomnia. Four things need to be noticed. Many people have the habit of sleeping naked. Instead, when naked, they remove the restraint of clothing on the body, giving a sense of unrestrained comfort;It is good for blood circulation and secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, so naked sleep helps relax and eliminate fatigue.

In addition, naked sleep has been helpful for diseases such as insomnia, headache, and diarrhea.

After women sleep naked, even the low back pain and physical dysmenorrhea common in gynecology may be relieved.

  In today’s society, insomnia mainly comes from psychological factors, some mental stress or worry, so it is not difficult to understand why naked sleep can improve insomnia, especially for those who have not experienced naked sleep before, the effect may be more obvious.

It also happens to those who have not previously developed good hygiene habits.

  It should be noted that naked sleep is not suitable or effective for anyone. For those who suffer from insomnia due to nerves, naked sleep is not valuable. Only correct and timely treatment of the primary cause can help improve sleep.

  The four major precautions for sleeping naked. Sleeping naked does not mean that you can simply take off your underwear and go to bed. At the same time, pay attention to the sleeping environment.

  First of all, it is appropriate when the family is too small and the family lives together or collectively, because tension can lead to the opposite effect.

It is best to have a relatively secretive, independent environment.

  In fact, the living environment needs air circulation, the temperature is appropriate, and it is quiet and comfortable, so that you can relax mentally and build a good sleep time.

  Again, be sure to keep warm, adjust the temperature and humidity in the bedroom, and avoid getting cold and sweating.

  Finally, the softness of the bedding should be moderate, and the mattresses should be clean and fluffy, often cleaned and exposed to the sun.

  Experts need to be: have a correct understanding of the role of naked sleep, it is just one of the healthy sleep methods we use, not always should be adopted.

In addition, the skin is directly exposed to the environment when sleeping naked. Dust and pests can cause skin allergies and arthritis. People with sufficient constitution should be careful.