[Dry pot baby dish]_ Dry pot baby dish _ homely practice _ production method

[Dry pot baby dish]_ Dry pot baby dish _ homely practice _ production method

Hot pot baby dishes are one of the most common home-cooked dishes. The method is quite simple and the taste is very good, so it is loved by everyone.

It should be noted that, after washing and slicing the baby vegetables, you do not need to simmer the water. After washing, you only need to drain the water and stir-fry in the oil pan.

Method one: 1. Boil water in the pot, add salt and a few drops of oil, add the baby doll cut into large sections, and cook for about 1 minute.

2. Remove the drained water, tear it into small strips by hand, and squeeze the water.

3. Clean the shrimps and cut the pork belly.

4. Wash the mushrooms and squeeze out the water and cut into strips.

5, small onion flower segments, ginger cut into small pieces, parsley cut into sections.

6, add oil to the pot, add small and medium-sized peppercorns, and remove them.

7, add pork belly stir-fried, add shrimp and stir-fry.

8. Add shiitake mushroom sticks and smoked dried sticks, sprinkle 1/2 amount of green onion, ginger, and parsley over medium-low heat for 3 minutes, let the water slowly precipitate out.

9, into the baby dish, quickly add the other seasonings in material A and stir well, and then add the remaining onions, ginger, parsley and stir well.

10, the small casserole into the pepper oil to heat, add ginger slices and stir-fry.

11, add fried baby dishes, ready to eat.

Practice two: 1.After washing the baby dishes, insert the leaves in the growing direction and cut into 3 or 4 pieces. The Cantonese sausage is cut into 2mm thick slices.

Dried red chili peppers dipped in hot oil to fry the scent, and fished out for later use.

2.Heat the oil in a clear pan, add garlic slices and simmer until the color is slightly yellow.

3.Add the green onion sauté.

4.Sprinkle with pepper powder.

5.After the aroma comes out, pour into baby dishes and stir-fry over medium-low heat.

6.After the surface of the leaves is fried, add the dried red pepper segments and sausage slices to continue to fry, and pour in soy sauce.

7.Then pour in sugar and sesame oil in that order.

8.Stir fry a few times, pour rice vinegar into the side of the pot, add chicken essence and some salt, and serve in a pre-heated pot.

Tips 1.How is the baby dish fried the best?

After washing and slicing baby dishes, do not need to simmer. After washing, just drain the water, and then stir-fry in the oil pan. The leaves are slightly burnt on the surface due to the loss of moisture during the stir-fry process.The taste is very good.

2.In this dish, you can also change the sausage to bacon made from pork belly. Just add a little oil to the pan before frying. Slowly simmer out the fat from the bacon and wait for it to spit out.Just put in the ingredients.

3.Wonderful use of the pot: Pre-heat the pot on another stove while cooking. After the dishes are cooked, you can immediately pour them in and serve together.

When the above dishes were almost finished, the dishes at the bottom of the pot were still hot, maintaining the best taste and texture.

[Beef Hotpot Practice]_ Beef Hotpot_How to_How to do

銆愮墰鑲夌伀閿呭仛娉曘€慱 鐗涜倝鐏攨_鎬庝箞鍋歘濡備綍鍋?
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[Diet taboos for wormwood egg brown sugar water]_how to do _what to pay attention to

[Diet taboos for wormwood egg brown sugar water]_how to do _what to pay attention to

Wormwood egg brown sugar water is a relatively good health food, especially for women, it has a good health care effect, for the palace cold, has a certain preventive effect on irregular menstruation, we know that artemisia leaves haveThe effect of warming the house to stop bleeding is very good for women to help them produce better eggs.

Of course, when drinking mugwort brown sugar egg water, you should also understand some taboos. If the yin deficiency and blood are weak, you should use it less or not.

Mugwort egg brown sugar water diet taboos with yin deficiency and blood heat should be used with caution.

Elemental body yin deficiency, or blood loss and yin loss, multiple breasts, loss of essence and blood, or excessive thinking, dark consumption of yin, deficiency of yin and blood, deficient heat endogenous, thermal disturbance, unsteady, unable to penetrateMenstrual blood, leading to menstruation earlier.

It often occurs in yin deficiency of the body, history of blood loss, history of chronic illness and injury, and history of prolific birth.

Yin deficiency and blood heat are mostly caused by the loss of body fluids or internal consumption caused by yin deficiency, yin does not control the yang, resulting in strong heat evil, invading blood, and becoming blood fever, which can occur in excess, excessive sweating does not make up for water, prolonged thirst,Dehydration, or over-heating foods, and certain medications are also found in chronic chronic wasting diseases, or mental anxiety.

That is, the menstrual period is advanced, and the menstrual flow is small; people with a history of blood loss, many breeders, or people who often feel very anxious and have a long history of taking medicines are better not to eat wormwood brown sugar eggs.

There is also a case of patients with high fever. Do not eat wormwood brown sugar eggs. Patients with nephritis have reduced renal function. When urine output decreases, they should also take wormwood brown sugar egg sugar with caution. Patients with liver and biliary disease should control the amount of egg paste according to the condition, so it is best notEat mugwort brown sugar eggs, patients with protein allergies, some patients with allergies should not eat mugwort brown sugar eggs.

Mug Leaf Brown Sugar Egg Practice 1.

First, go to the pharmacy to buy a pack of mugwort, which is usually available in larger pharmacies2.

Take a small handful of artemisia leaves (about 15 grams) every day and put them in cold water, first boil them with martial arts, and then cook for 15 minutes with gentle heat.

Then extract the wormwood leaves (or remove them) 3.

Don’t turn off the fire, beat an egg into the hot wormwood water (you can also cook the egg and shell it first), then add brown sugar (now the supermarket sells ginger brown sugar, mother mother brown sugar, I use gingerJuice brown sugar, it should be a little better than Pu brown sugar, because ginger is also warming up) 4.

When the eggs are done, turn off the heat and eat out of the pan.

While it’s hot.

I drink a bowl (including eggs) every day

Yuyuan Stock (600655) Quarterly Report Review: Substantially Increased Non-Net Profit, Large Consumer Business Leads Company Growth

Yuyuan Stock (600655) Quarterly Report Review: Substantially Increased Non-Net Profit, Large Consumer Business Leads Company Growth
Increase by 36.48%); of which the company achieved 74 in 2019Q3.29 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.90% (compared with the previous year’s adjustment, an increase of 98.72%).The company’s net profit attributable to its mother in the first three quarters was 12.3.9 billion, an increase of 9 in ten years.02% (an increase of 8 over the previous ten years before the adjustment).68%); net profit after deducting non-attribution is 10.90,000 yuan, an increase of 195 in ten years.59%.  Comments: 1.Operating income: The company’s 2019Q1-3 revenue is 270.820,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.76%; of which Q3 revenue was 74.29 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.90%, mainly due to the increase in operating income of the jewellery and fashion business and the delivery of property development projects.  2.Gross profit margin: The property development and sales business raised the company’s gross profit margin in 19Q3 to 22.88%, an increase of 4 per year.79 points.The main reason is that the company’s property development and sales business with higher gross profit margins has a higher growth rate, and the proportion of property development and sales business revenues has increased.Among them, jewelry fashion gross margin 8.18%, an increase of 1 each year.49 points; gross profit margin for property development and sales27.02%, increase by 1 every year.18pct; gross profit margin of commercial operation management and property leasing services 69.35%, a decrease 天津夜网 of 3 per year.22 points; catering gross margin 65.53%, increasing by 0 every year.12pct; resort gross margin 83.67%, an increase of 0 every year.35pct; Cultural Food & Beverage & Commercial Gross Margin 32.15%, a decrease of 5 per year.14 points.  3.Period expenses: M & A & financing expenses pushed the expense ratio to increase to 11 during 19Q1-3.37%.Sales expense ratio: The company’s 2019Q1-3 sales expense is 10.470,000 yuan, an increase of 31 in ten years.42%, mainly due to the expansion of the jewelry fashion business and the catering business, which led to an increase in store operating expenses; sales expenses.87%, a decrease of 0 every year.14 points.Management expense ratio: The company’s 2019Q1-3 management expense is 15.92 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.91%, administrative expenses 5.88%, rising by 0 every 佛山桑拿网 year.74pct is mainly due to the report that the management company’s management expenses increased due to the expansion of business scale including mergers and acquisitions compared with the same period of the previous year.Financial expense ratio: The company’s 2019Q1-3 financial expenses are 4.41 trillion, an increase of 79 in ten years.17%; financial expenses1.63%, increasing by 0 every year.39 points.  4.Net profit: The company’s net profit attributable to the parent in Q3 20192.1.8 billion, an increase of 7 per year over the previous year.67%, mainly due to the increase in the company’s operating income and increase in gross profit margin.  5. Key operating indicators: Gold procurement, production and sales: The company’s 2019Q1-3 gold purchases / production / sales were 46662 respectively.£ 53/48630.25 pounds / 49,662.87 pounds, platinum purchases / production / sales were 175.13 GBP / 251.£ 75/328.57 pounds.  Earnings forecast and estimation: Maintain Buy rating.The company develops industrial strength around the concept of “happiness and fashion” and adopts the “industrial operation + industrial investment” dual operation mode.The jewellery and fashion business has grown steadily and developed a margin of safety; property development and sales have expanded into new growth points; the rapid growth of the food and beverage business has become a new engine for future performance.It is estimated that the net profit for 2019-2021 will be 33.4/40.1/40.100 million, the current market value corresponds to 9/8 / 8xPE.  Risk warning: Macroeconomic growth is not up to expectations, and the jewelry industry is recovering less than expected

Depth-Company-Guangxun Technology (002281): First-quarter results are basically flat, product potential is huge

Depth * Company * Guangxun Technology (002281): First-quarter results are basically flat, product potential is huge

In the first quarter of 2019, the company achieved operating income12.

190,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

99%; net profit attributable to mother is 6,392.

950,000 yuan, a decrease of 17 a year.


Key points of the support level Revenue status is basically flat, and new growth points for enterprise development.

The company’s first quarter revenue was 12.

1.9 billion, net profit attributable to mother is 6,392.

950,000 yuan, sales gross margin 17.

81%, the overall performance is basically the same as last year.

First of all, the first quarter is the traditional off-season of the industry, the industry’s sluggish demand, coupled with the contraction of operator expansion, and traditional market growth potential.

However, the company’s operating cash flow has changed from negative to positive in the same period last year, and the company’s repayment status has improved.

At present, the company is optimizing and adjusting the product structure, accelerating the pace to catch up with 重庆耍耍网 Datacom, the rapid growth of Internet infrastructure equipment, actively deploying production capacity, and creating new profit growth points.

Telecom and datacom two-wheel drive, optical module layout is constantly improved.

At present, it is the initial stage of 5G bearer network construction. As the telecommunications optical module industry warps, the company has completed the large-scale commercial use of 25G dual-fiber optical modules.

At the same time, the company’s 25G single-fiber bidirectional optical module products also passed Huawei certification, making the company the first supplier to obtain Huawei’s product code, which injected a strong impetus into the construction of the 5G bearer network fronthaul.

In addition, in response to the growing demand for data center optical modules, the company invested 8.

青岛夜网200 million 100G data-through optical module throughput is improved, while higher-speed 400G optical module products are already in the layout.

The two-wheel drive of telecommunications and datacom will build the company’s long-term development engine.

Carry out the industry’s top forward-looking cooperation and develop the OTDR engine to deploy intelligent optical networks.

The company announced that it will launch a pluggable OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) engine with ADI.

OTDR provides network operators with a visual representation of interconnection quality, and based on this subsequent development of an intelligent system for optical networks.

Through joint innovation, the company’s latest small-sized pluggable OTDR product extends the distance of the monitorable optical fiber to 150km, and the monitoring capability exceeds current similar products.

The company will also become the world’s first leading supplier equipped with OTDR new engine, showing the company’s deep accumulation of optoelectronic technology, and joint development of forward-looking technology with top global partners, which is expected to become a leader in leading new products.

We estimate that our EPS forecast for 2019-2021 is 0.

59, 0.

73, 0.

91 yuan, corresponding to a price-earnings ratio of 50.

5 times, 40.

3 times, 32.

6x, maintain BUY rating.

The main risks faced by ratings are that operators’ investment is lower than expected, market competition risks, and technological innovation risks.

Ginger and Basil

Ginger and Basil

Cold wind, ginger and basil are the must-have seasonings for home cooks.

It is very common for Cantonese to use ginger to simmer in ginger, steamed fish with ginger, spring onion, and ginger tea with soup, without ginger.

But perilla leaves are rarely used. In addition to steaming hairy crabs with perilla leaves during the crab season, the daily diet is rarely useful with perilla.

  Perilla has a special odor, contains volatile oils, and has a strong antiseptic effect. Japanese and Koreans like to use it in their diet. This may accompany the nation to eat more seafood, and the seafood is easy to rot, resulting in the formation of perilla.馔 eating habits.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that perilla tastes spicy and contains gas; color purple enters blood; adds fish and meat to remove fish poison; its spicy scent can appetize and relieve depression.

If the stagnation of the diet causes chest depression, hotness, and discomfort, it has a good effect.

Perilla is usually used for sweating, cough, stomach and diuretics. Its aromatic odor has analgesic, sedative, cold cure, and detoxification effects.

If eating rotten meat poisoning, or the general so-called “food poisoning” causes symptoms such as vomiting and abdominal pain, the effect of vomiting and analgesia may be replaced by the prescription.

  Perilla has the effect of regulating depression and discomfort, and does not prevent it from being used in food therapy. For example, meals are often cooked with meat. You can use three or two fresh perilla leaves and cut them into juliennes.Adding amaranth and other food can also be used as spices and meat cooking.

  Perilla and ginger are a perfect match, each with a combination of cold-dispelling and pain-relieving cold (wind cold) effects.

  If ginger is used as ordinary food, it should be taken as tender ginger, which is called “sub-ginger”.

However, as a medicinal or dietetic product, ginger should be used instead of tender ginger, because the older the ginger, the more spicy it is. The medicinal is to take the spicy aromatic ingredients it contains.

The stronger the spicy taste, the better the effect of removing cold.

  The ancient recipe of traditional Chinese medicine is enough to accommodate ginger (old ginger) or dried ginger. It can be seen that ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for more than 2,000 years.

Ginger not only has the effects of sweating, removing cold, wind, cold, and dampness, but also is a good medicine for calming Qi, preventing vomiting and vomiting.

If you have a cold stomach or health problems, you can prepare soup to accompany the meal. In order to avoid the interference of cold air in the implant, add some ginger to the soup and think it has the effect of removing cold and preventing cold.

Health medicated diet for osteoporosis

Health medicated diet for osteoporosis

Treatment of senile osteoporosis is difficult, and sometimes the effects of simple calcium supplementation and vitamin D are not obvious. Therefore, it must be treated with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.Increase its deficiency, regulate its bone metabolism, and maintain a balanced state, so as to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation.

Here are some health medicated diets for the disease.

  Raw materials of sesame and walnut kernel powder: 250 grams of black sesame, 250 grams of walnut kernels, and 50 grams of caster sugar.

  Method: Pick the black sesame seeds for impurities, dry, fry, grind with walnut kernels into fines, add sugar, mix well and equip the bottle.

  How to eat: 2 times a day, 25 grams each time, served with warm water.

  Efficacy: nourish the kidney yin, anti-osteoporosis.

  Black sesame nourishes liver and kidneys, and is a good product for longevity.

Modern studies have confirmed that sesame contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and vitamins A, D, and E, so it has a good anti-osteoporosis effect.

Walnut kernel tonify kidney and strengthen waist. From a nutritional point of view, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and other vitamins contained in walnut kernel and multivitamin metabolism increase bone density, delay bone aging, and fight against osteoporosis.

  Astragalus shrimp skin soup ingredients: 20 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of shrimp skin.

  Method: First slice the astragalus into the pot, add the right amount of water, cook for 40 minutes, remove the residue, take the juice, mix with the washed shrimp skin, add water and onions, ginger, refined salt and other condiments, simmer for 20 minutes, serve.
  How to eat: Serve as a soup when served.

  Efficacy: spleen and kidney, calcium, anti-osteoporosis.

Astragalus is good at nourishing qi and nourishing the spleen. Recent experimental studies have confirmed that astragalus has estrogen-like effects, which can effectively prevent and reduce bone loss caused by postmenopausal women due to estrogen deficiency.

Preventing health care before bedtime to avoid the misunderstanding of aging

Preventing health care before bedtime to avoid the misunderstanding of aging

Many crushes want to make their skin better through night care, so they like to take care before going to bed.

However, some MMs like to apply a thick lotion to the whole body while sleeping, and repeatedly apply eye cream to constantly rehydrate the skin.

Are these maintenance steps and methods correct?

Next, let’s follow Xiaobian to see how to take care before going to bed to avoid the misunderstanding of aging.

  Misunderstanding 1: The thicker the lotion, the more moisturizing. Many crushes like to apply a thick lotion before going to bed in winter, thinking that this can replenish the skin’s moisture and make the skin nourished.

But the eyebrows all ignored, can our skin tolerate too much skin care products?

Skin care products are only promoting, too many skin care products will only overwhelm the skin!

  The right way: Before going to bed, apply an appropriate amount of skin care products on the face, and the skin on the face can be absorbed well.

Never “weight” your skin, but instead “weight” it.

At present, the most popular “fast muscle” maintenance method in Japan is based on the principle of “burden reduction” of the skin. It advocates reducing the amount of skincare products for several days in a row. Generally speaking, it is best to make the skin “rest” 1?
3 days.

Such skin will be healthier.

  Misunderstanding 2: Some eyebrows have some eyebrows. For convenience or cost savings, apply day cream that night cream directly before going to bed, thinking that the effect is the same, you can maintain your skin.

Actually, this is a big mistake.

The skin is divided between day and night. The skin is mainly excreted during the day and resists aging and erosion. The skin is mainly absorbed at night, especially between 10pm and 2am.

Therefore, the day cream mainly helps to lock water and protect the sun, while the night cream requires nutrition and strong efficacy.

  The right way: After washing your face before going to bed, apply a night cream after spraying toner, so that the skin can absorb the right nutrients at the right time.

Such skin will work properly.

Allows you to absorb delicate skin even after waking up.

  Misunderstanding 3: The longer the time the mask is applied, the stronger the effect. Some eyebrows apply the mask directly for a long time or even sleep in order to get better results.

In this way, the skin cannot breathe naturally because the effect of the mask will disappear after a certain period of time.

  The correct method: Generally speaking, if there is no special instructions to maximize it, the hydrating mask should not exceed 20 minutes, otherwise it will block the pores; and the mineral mud mask with cleaning effect only needs to stay for 3?
5 minutes; the woven mask should be removed when it is eight minutes dry, because after the mask is dry, it will accelerate the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin.

  Now some advertisements suggest that crushes not only need to use makeup oil to remove makeup after makeup, but also need to use makeup remover to remove the dust from them after going home everyday.

Although the cleansing oil has a deep skin cleansing effect, it will still appear acne inflammation when used more. Correct method: to reduce extra irritation, it is better to use cleansing oil only for heavy makeup, and you can also use some plant-rich oils.Makeup remover, this reduces the burden on the skin.

  Misunderstanding 5: Applying eye cream excessively on the eye skin is very fragile and very thin compared to other skin on the face.

If you apply hard or pull too much and use eye cream too much.

Not only does the eye skin not become tender, but it causes more and more wrinkles, and the eye skin becomes rougher.

  The correct method: Use the middle finger to gently apply the skin around the eyes, slow and light.

The amount of eye cream can be used as long as two capsules of mung bean size each time, and then perform a circular massage along the upper corner of the inner corner of the eyelid and the lower eyelid, and do not apply downward force during the massage. The massage should be stretched upward.In this way, you will find that the wrinkles on the eyes will become less and become softer and smoother.

Women anti-aging eat more of these foods

Women anti-aging eat more of these foods

Although women in modern society have improved, the pressure of work and life has also increased in the same way.

Many women have problems with their health due to heavy daily work pressures, irregular lifestyle habits, and unreasonable eating habits.

Even the skin becomes dry, no gloss, and small fine lines appear quietly in the corners of the eyes and mouth.

The body will also deform and gradually become a “yellow face woman”, so every woman must act immediately to prepare herself for anti-aging.

  Papaya, red dates, lotus seeds and honey papaya are well-known whitening foods, and they are extremely rich in vitamin A.

Chinese medicine believes that papaya is sweet and flat, can digest food and strengthen the stomach, beautify the skin and beauty, nourish lactation, and has a good therapeutic effect on people with indigestion or constipation.

During beauty treatments, papaya can be eaten with milk and can also be used to make fillings or porridge.

Jujube is a traditional food that regulates endocrine and nourishes blood. If jujube is eaten with lotus seeds, it will increase the effect of regulating menstruation and nourishing qi and nourishing the body.

  In the dry autumn and winter seasons, making a hot papaya, red date and lotus seed honey will not only warm your body and your heart, but also help your skin resist the dry climate.

Prepare papaya, red dates, lotus seeds, honey, rock sugar.

First, add jujube and lotus seeds with an appropriate amount of rock sugar and cook until needed.

Then split the papaya to remove the seeds, put the red dates, lotus seeds, and honey into the papaya, steamed in the basket and eaten.

  Private words: When eating, be sure to eat papaya together.

After dinner, this tonic is best served as a dessert for the whole family.

  Many people like to eat wine-brewed eggs, but the wolfberry wine-brewed eggs recommended here are quail eggs.

This is because quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamins A, E, etc. When cooked with wine, it will produce enzymes and active substances that are beneficial to female skin.

Take a bowl a day to make your skin tender and shiny.

  Lycium barbarum is a good product for nourishing liver and kidney, and it is also one of the raw materials commonly used in beauty medicated diets. The content of vitamin A is also particularly rich.

When these foods are added together, they can better promote the absorption of nutrients, and women’s complexion will be more moisturizing.

When boiling wolfberry wine stuffed eggs, first boil 200 grams of wine, then add 5 grams of wolfberry, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and 50 grams of quail egg liquid, and finally boil.

  Private note: Quail eggs are more tonic than eggs, but eggs can also be used.

You must remember to eat the egg yolk, its effectiveness is better than protein, especially the plasma in it is also very beneficial to breast development.

The new mother insists on eating every day after giving birth, which not only guarantees high-quality milk, but also improves the skin.

  Peanut Sesame Paste Peanut and black sesame are the first choice for anti-aging food for 30-year-old women. This is mainly due to its own vitamin E, and at the same time prevent the role of brown pigment in the skin, avoiding the formation of pigmentation and butterfly spots.

Sesame contains a powerful anti-aging substance, sesaminol, which is an important nourishing food for preventing female aging. The B vitamins in it are also very rich, which can promote the metabolism of the human body, and also help the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, which can make breasts beautifulefficacy.

To make peanut sesame paste, prepare peanuts, black sesame and salad oil.

First fry the peanut kernels and fry them with black sesame seeds. Then put them together in a blender, stir and crush them into powder, and put them in a sealed glass jar.

When you want to eat, put it in a bowl with a clean spoon and add boiling water.

If you like sweet, you can add some honey.

Homemade peanut sesame paste is more natural and healthier than those bought outside, and is best for breakfast or an afternoon meal.

  Private words: peanuts are best not to peel off the “red clothes”, because “red clothes” have excellent blood replenishing effect.

  Soybean stewed trotters and green beans are supplemented with protein, lecithin, and also contain phytoestrogens. This isoflavones can effectively increase the level of estrogen in the body, thus making women more youthful and beautiful.

Moreover, isoflavones also have the effect of preventing osteoporosis.

  In addition, many people only know that trotters are good products for beauty, but they do n’t know that chicken wings also contain a lot of collagen, and the protein content is higher than that of trotters. It eats with soybeans and green beans, which is very beneficial to increase skin elasticity and moisturize the skin.
  Ingredients needed: soybeans, green beans, chicken wings, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, broth.

First, add soy beans, green beans, chicken wings and other ingredients to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of broth, and simmer over low heat, and finally season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and cooking wine.

  Private note: Soy beans and green beans should not be removed when soaking in water.

Chicken wings should choose fins to neutralize wing tips, rather than wing roots with reduced collagen content.  Walnuts, pine nuts, corn kernels, walnuts and pine nuts are classic tonic foods for women. They contain vitamin E and zinc, which are good for moisturizing the skin and delaying skin aging.

In addition, these proteins, minerals, and B vitamins are also very rich in content, which is a good product for beauty and hairdressing.

Walnuts and pine nuts are both good sources of linolenic acid. This is the most popular health-building ingredient in the health and has the function of stimulating estrogen synthesis.

Corn’s own vitamin E is also a skin-beauty food that is highly regarded by experts.

  The preparation method is very simple. Take an appropriate amount of broth, add rock sugar and corn, simmer over low heat, sprinkle with walnut and pine nuts, and serve immediately.

  Private note: It is best to buy raw walnut and pine nuts, stir-fry them yourself, and it is best to use linolenic sunflower oil.

Don’t overdo it when eating walnuts, pine nuts and corn. It is recommended to drink a small bowl every day.

Too much food may cause too much absorption and cause too much.

  Yam and green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver and yam is a tonic and tonic that is highly respected by traditional Chinese medicine.

Chicken liver cancer, such as iron, zinc, copper, vitamins A and B vitamins, is even beneficial to the synthesis of estrogen, and it is also the food of choice for nourishing blood.

Green bamboo shoots are a potential fiber beauty vegetable.

The three are used together to nourish qi and blood, and improve the skin’s moisturizing feeling and color.

Prepare yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, broth, and starch.

First yam and green bamboo shoots are peeled, washed and cut into strips.

Wash the chicken liver with water and cut into pieces.

Then yam, green bamboo shoots, chicken liver and other raw materials are boiled with boiling water.

Finally, put some cooking oil in the pot, add an appropriate amount of broth, add all the ingredients after seasoning, stir fry a few times, and eat after simmering.

  Private note: When eating yam green bamboo shoots fried chicken liver, be sure not to drink coffee or strong tea before and after meals to avoid affecting the absorption of nutrients in food.

If you don’t have chicken liver, you can also choose pork liver or duck liver instead.

  The beauty and beauty of pollen, oysters, potatoes, and pea pollen are beyond the reach of other foods. It has unique features in preventing skin pigmentation, rough skin, wrinkles, and skin allergies, freckles, acne, and dark spots.

  This is because pollen contains a large number of vitamins required for skin beauty. Among them, vitamin A has a special physiological role in promoting the metabolism of epithelial cells and maintaining the health of epithelial tissues. Vitamin B can enhance skin metabolism, and vitamin C can enhance skin elasticity.Vitamin E prevents skin aging and prevents premature wrinkles.

  Oysters are also called oysters in some places. They have high nutritional value. They are boiled or boiled, and the soup is like milk, so it is called “sea milk”.

Chinese medicine believes that oysters can supplement the five internal organs, nourish qi, nourish blood, and promote blood circulation.

Oyster grilled food is basically delicious, and can delicate skin, beauty and beauty.

Oyster sauce made from oysters is a premium condiment that is delicious and nourishes the face.

  Potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large amount of high-quality cellulose, and also contain trace elements, proteins, trace and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging and disease prevention process, and can effectively help women detoxify.

It is rich in vitamin C to restore women’s whitening skin.

In addition, the crude fiber in potatoes can also have an intestinal laxative effect.

  Eating more peas can dispel spots and keep your face, “Compendium of Materia Medica” claims that peas have the effect of “removing dark spots and making the face shiny”.

Modern research has found that pea beans are rich in provitamin A. This substance can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moisturizing the skin and is absorbed from general foods without causing toxic side effects.

Eating peas also has swelling, stretches the skin, and can tighten wrinkles around the eyes.

Don’t wear three underwear women

Don’t wear three underwear women

Do not wear three types of underwear for women. There are three types of underwear for women. Do not wear more than three types of underwear. These three types of underwear do not have protection, but may cause some gynecological diseases.


Should not wear too tight underwear women’s vaginal opening, urethral opening, close to the anus, underwear is too tight, easy to friction with vulva, anus, urethral opening, so that this area of dirt (mostly anal, vaginaSecretions) into the vagina or urethra, causing infections of the urinary system or reproductive system.


Women who suffer from vaginitis and tumors of the reproductive system should not wear dark underwear. The leucorrhea may become cloudy, even with red and yellow colors. These are signs of disease.

If these phenomena can be found early and treated early, better results can be obtained.

If you wear dark or patterned underpants, the aligned leucorrhea cannot be detected in time, which may delay the disease.


Chemical underwear should not be worn. Even if the price is cheap, the permeability and hygroscopicity are poor, which is not conducive to tissue metabolism in the perineum.

In addition, the secretions from leucorrhea and perineal glands are not easy to volatilize, and the vulva is wet all day.

This warm and opposite environment is very conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which can easily cause inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

  In summary, girls should choose white or light-colored, loose cotton underwear when choosing underwear.