The most beautiful and simple tricks for wearing skirts

The most beautiful and simple tricks for wearing skirts

Who doesn’t want to have a charming calf line?

However, maybe you can sit there and have a dream figure?

Still exercise!

  Main action: The legs are on the back of the floor, the abdomen is tightened, hands are placed beside them, and the shoulders are relaxed.

The left foot flexes and bends until the sole of the foot lays flat on the ground, and the right foot is straight, trying to raise upwards.

Gently straighten the toes of your right foot and keep it straight, then turn the clock ten turns, then turn the clock back ten small circles.

When you turn your right leg, the hips and calves will feel tight. When the legs turn to the center of the body, the thighs will be tightened. After the completion, the left leg repeats the above actions.

Do two or three times a week, one to three groups at a time (for beginners, only one group), six weeks should be effective.

  Other leg-lifting skating is an effective adjustment of the movement of the leg muscles, as the athlete’s feet often push forward and sideways.

You can go to the park for 30 minutes of roller skating every day, during which you can improve your movements, such as leaning over and going uphill.

  Side kicks and sweeps in boxing have a great effect on tightening your legs.

  Participate in a baseball class and all the beating moves can make a wonderful effect on your legs.

  When doing the ring puller, you can concentrate on the front and rear parts of the leg, do a warm-up for five minutes, then do 15 minutes at medium speed or five minutes at high speed, and take a five-minute soothing action.

  When skipping the rope, the one-legged and the two-legged jump can be alternately performed, and the switch is performed once every minute, and the skipping time is ten to fifteen minutes each time.

Falling in this position can prevent disease in autumn?

Falling in this position can prevent disease in autumn?

Focus on sleep can raise both “sleeping food,” for the health care.

“Good sleep can replenish energy and rejuvenate. It has the effect of “cultivating Yin and cultivating yuan”.

Therefore, master the essentials of sleep and health, and change the way to maintain a simple and easy way to maintain health.

  Traditional Chinese medicine infers the overall view of “Heaven and Man”, the human body must maintain the harmony of the body, but also pay attention to the harmony with the external environment of nature.

Chen Xiuhua, deputy director of the Traditional Rehabilitation Center of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after the spring, summer, long summer, autumn harvest, winter seasons, the human body must be adapted to it, so there is a “four o’clock health”.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the yang of nature gradually converges and closes. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the maintenance of the yin in the living, which causes the sleep health to be justified.

  ”Early morning and early morning, winter morning and evening” is the main way to sleep and health at this time.

For specific sleep time, it is recommended to take a break every night (ie 9:00-11) to help you fall asleep at the time of child (11:1 to 13:00).

Because the child is the weakest yang, when the yin is the most prosperous, then sleep, the most able to raise yin, the quality of sleep is also the best, often can achieve twice the result of the health effect.

  There are different opinions about the direction of sleeping, which is amazing.

Some studies have pointed out that due to the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, people take the position of the head north and south when they sleep, so that the magnetic field lines smoothly penetrate the human body, which can instead reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field.

Previous ancient healthologists believed that the direction of human sleep should change with the alternation of spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons.

The famous medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, mentioned in the “Qian Jin Fang”: “The mortal is lying, spring and summer to the east, autumn and winter to the west.

“This is because of the “should be lying in the air at four o’clock”, because the five seasons of Chinese medicine correspond to the five parties, there are Chundong, Xia Nan, Chang Xiazhong, Qiu Xi, Dongbei, so sleepThe orientation also corresponds to the current solar terms.

  Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua pointed out that although these theories have certain truths, they are affected by the orientation of the houses and the layout of the home in real life, and there are certain limitations. The citizens do not have to be too particular about these theories, which leads to unnecessary worry.

On the contrary, it is recommended that everyone should pay attention to ensure adequate sleep time, before going to sleep should be “seduce the mind”, drink hot milk or royal jelly, or use warm water to massage, preferably with foot massage, etc., to benefit “heart and kidneyIntersect”. These measures have a more pronounced effect on improving sleep quality.

  Medicinal diet sleep sleep disorders insomnia, dreams, shallow sleep, easy to wake up, I believe is the most familiar leak in the sub-health urban people.

These sleep disorders belong to the TCM theory of “not swearing”, “depression”, “flawy”, “heart palpitations” and other samples, which are associated with various diseases and cause different types of sleep disorders.

Such as depression is associated with Western medicine depression, anxiety syndrome, older syndrome, old and physical or chronic illness, and “fatigue” will also affect sleep; sleep disorders caused by digestive disorders, and Chinese medicine”The stomach is not harmonious, it is restless” is consistent; cardiovascular palpitations, shortness of breath and nighttime paroxysmal dyspnea can also affect sleep.

Some small recipes about mulberry that are popular among the people, worth collecting

Some small recipes about mulberry that are popular among the people, worth collecting


Treatment of chronic illness and insomnia: 30 grams of mulberry, 15 grams of fried jujube, 10 grams of Baiziren, decoction 3 times, 1 dose per day.


Take 500 grams of fresh and ripe mulberry, 1000 ml of rice wine, soak for 1-2 months, 2 times a day, 1 cup each time, can be used for anemia or adjuvant treatment.


Treatment of vertigo tinnitus: 30 grams of mulberry, the first black 30 grams, 20 grams of Huang Jing, decoction 3 times service, 1 dose per day.


Treatment of dim flowers: 30 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of medlar, 15 grams of chrysanthemum, decoction 3 times, 1 dose per day.


Mulberry, honey, the right amount, the mulberry water decoction juice, simmering cream, add honey and mix well drink, each time 10-15 grams, 2-3 times a day.

It can nourish yin and blood, and is suitable for yin deficiency caused by yin deficiency, head stun, woman, amenorrhea and so on.


Treatment of night sweats: 30 grams of mulberry, 30 grams of floating wheat, 10 grams of Schisandra, decoction 3 times, 1 dose per day.


40 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of rock sugar, brewed with boiling water.

The mulberry is cold and cold, the sugar is flat and the spleen is dry, and the stool is dry due to insufficient intestinal fluid.


Treating Tianjin wounds and thirst: 60 grams of fresh mulberry, washed with gauze wrap and juice, washed with warm water, once a day.


Treatment of iron deficiency: 30 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of jujube, 30 grams of rock sugar, put in the pot after stewing, take 1 dose per day.


30 grams of mulberry, 60 grams of glutinous rice, porridge, when cooked, transferred to a small amount of rock sugar, 1 dose a day.

Can nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and eyesight.

Old people should never take morning exercises as working

Old people should never take morning exercises as “working”

Every morning, he met his neighbor Zhang Bo in the elevator. He was dressed in sportswear, and he was carrying a taiji ball.
“Aber, how are you going?”
“Baiyun Mountain.”
“Seeing Aber’s face is proud, I just smiled.”
  These days, I suddenly saw Aber, and I went to the door today to ask, hey, Aber’s knee pain, hand numb, and rested at home for several days.
  Indeed, there are quite a lot of elderly people like Zhang Bo who went to the park for exercise early in the morning. There are just a lot of old people who practiced me, but did not pay attention to scientific methods to do morning exercises, like what environment to choose for morning exercises, and what time to choose.When is it not appropriate to have a good morning.
Therefore, the elderly are especially reminded not to take morning exercises as “working”.
  Don’t take morning business as “working”. Among the elderly who love morning exercise, there are some senior citizens with high cultural structure and high health quotient. When they are young, they pursue perfection in their work. Now they have retired from their jobs, so they regard morning exercise as a morning exercise.”Working”, and even become a psychological alternative, that is – the pursuit of perfection.
The adverse consequences caused by this mentality, for example, in order to achieve an effect in a short period of time, lead to excessive exercise load, in order to practice a sports routine, repeated actions repeatedly lead to muscle strain.
  Morning exercise is not “going to work”, do not have too strong competitive psychology.
If the elderly regard the morning exercise as “working”, it is easy to be as meticulous as the work, so that the elderly partners who exercise together in the morning exercise compete with each other and compare the learning speed of sports technology, which is unfavorable to the physical and psychological of the elderly.
The purpose of fitness is to pursue health, and health is composed of physical health, mental health and social health.
  From the perspective of sports medicine, morning exercise like work, that is, the frequency of exercise is 5-6 times a week. This frequency of exercise is too much for the elderly.
Reasonable frequency of exercise for healthy exercise in the elderly is recommended 3-5 times a week.
Of course, if you like to go every day, you should pay attention to the fact that it takes only 3-5 days to reach the effective amount of exercise in one week. Other time can be leisurely, and the small amount of exercise is mainly to maintain a good mood.

Dishes of drinking fountains

Dishes of drinking fountains

There are two major problems with the widely used water dispensers. First, when the general water dispenser is used continuously, the heaters continue to work. The replacement adds extra power consumption. Instead of repeated heating, the water quality is not fresh.Fouling, unfavorable health care.

Second, at present, almost all ordinary water dispensers are cool and hot water is separated. Many times, the first cup we drink is boiling water, but then a lot of cold water enters the inverter.

Before the next heating is completed, we drink hot and cold mixed water, which is not hygienic.


hzh {display: none; }  一、饮水机的自身缺陷  久煮产生“千滚水”:饮用水在热胆内经反复加热后,会形成“千滚水”。
This water contains heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances, and long-term drinking can endanger acute health.

  Scale becomes an “additive”: According to a report issued by the National Environmental Testing Department, if the traditional water dispenser liner is not cleaned for more than 3 months, it will breed a large number of bacteria, residues and even red worms, which will adhere to the inner wall of the hot bladder and become a toxic “additive”.””.
When these substances enter the body, they cause deformation of the digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic systems.

  Hot spleen manufactures “nitrate”: hot urethane is mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum shell. Tests show that under continuous heating, the nitrite content of iron, aluminum and ammonia in water will increase significantly, while nitrite is alreadyKnown carcinogens.

  Household appliances “power consumption king”: Take 1 liter of hot water as an example. In the state of not shutting down, the power is 0.

A 5 kW traditional household water dispenser consumes electricity every day.

8 degrees, precisely because of its “burning stop” working principle, invisible caused more than 90% of energy waste.

  Although he may be opposed by his peers, Fang Shuguang still hopes that his overlap of “cutting off the poisonous biliary” will be able to respond.

He believes that people are paying more and more attention to “clean water” and “healthy water”, and the technological revolution in the water dispenser industry is imminent.

  Second, the secondary pollution of the water dispenser Each water dispenser has 5 parts that communicate with the outside, namely two faucets, water inlet, air outlet, and sewage outlet.

The secondary pollution of the water dispenser is mainly that the dust in the air carries a large amount of microorganisms, and the algae and the like transfer air into the water dispenser, especially the air port, and the sewage outlet is easy to form a dead angle, the microorganisms multiply and pollute the bottled water.

  When changing the water, directly put the barrel neck of the bottled water on the seat of the water dispenser. After the bottled water is installed on the water dispenser, each time one liter is released, there must be a corresponding volume of air entrained by the air.A variety of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, mold, etc. also enter the inside of the water dispenser, after which the bacteria will continue to multiply inside the water dispenser, showing a pale yellow, sticky and slippery feeling.

Over time, you can reach the level of harm to human health.

  In the water tank of the water dispenser, there are nearly 1000 ml of water remaining, which is also a place that is neglected and easily breeds bacteria.

After a bucket of water is used up and replaced with a bucket, the water tank liner often overlaps with nearly 1000 ml of “Chen Shui”, and the bacteria will grow for a long time.

Longer this will threaten the health of the human body.

Experts suggest that bottled water can be reached within a week, and continuous sunlight can cause bacteria to multiply.

  Expert advice: People drink bottled water is pure and healthy.

However, if the water supply transition of the water dispenser is not thorough, it will also cause secondary pollution of water quality.

Even if the water dispenser is a professional equipped with some manufacturers, the disinfection process may not be fully qualified.

Specifically, the disinfection of the water dispenser should be divided into the following steps: 1. Unplug the power plug, remove the water bucket, open the drain pipe behind the water dispenser, and drain the remaining water, because the remaining water in the drain pipe is the water.The key to secondary pollution.

Then, turn on all the water switches to release the water.

  2. Hold the alcohol cotton with tweezers and thoroughly scrub the water dispenser liner.

The water dispenser liner easily accumulates bacteria due to direct contact with air.

Scrubbing with alcohol can remove the dirt and prepare for the next disinfection.

  3. Dissolve 300 ml of disinfectant into about 2 liters of water, then fill the entire water dispenser liner and place it for 10-15 minutes.

  4. Turn on all the switches of the water dispenser, including the drain pipe and the water switch, and drain the disinfectant.

  5. Rinse the entire chamber of the dispenser continuously with 7-8 liters of clean water, and open all the switches to clean the flushing liquid.

It is not enough for some people to rinse with only 1 liter of water. Some disinfectant remains in the water dispenser.

  6. Wipe the back wall of the switch with alcohol cotton. When using the cup to hold water, it is easy to touch the back wall of the switch of the water dispenser. It should not be scrubbed with a rag only.

  After the dispenser is disinfected, there may be traces of disinfectant remaining and cannot be replaced immediately.

You should put a glass of water and smell the chlorine.

If there is, you should release the water until you can’t smell the chlorine.  Of course, you can also ask a professional water dispenser cleaning staff to help.

For the health of you and your family, it is worthwhile to clean and disinfect several times a year, and the cost is not high.

In the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, constantly paying attention to the quality of life, paying attention to human health today, it is an indispensable substitute to pay attention to life hygiene.

  Health Tips: 1, do not continuously turn on the water heater’s heating switch, otherwise, repeated firing into thousands of boiling water, harmful to the body!

  2, the water dispenser with a liner must be thoroughly cleaned once a month, otherwise, it is harmful to the body!

  3, bottled water must be used within one week after opening, otherwise it is harmful to the body!

Elderly people’s diet ten wants

Elderly people’s diet “ten wants”

Because the digestive function of the elderly is reduced, the cardiovascular system and other organs have varying degrees of variation, so there should be special requirements for the diet of the elderly.
In order to maintain good health, we should pay attention to the following ten aspects: First, the rice is to be fragrant. The taste of the elderly is poor, the appetite is poor, and eating often feels lack of taste.
Back to this, pay attention to color, fragrance and taste for the elderly.
  Second, the quality is good The metabolism of the elderly is mainly catabolism, more protein is needed to compensate for the consumption of tissue protein.
If you eat more chicken, fish, rabbit, lamb, beef, lean pork and bean products, the protein of these foods is high-quality protein, nutritious and easy to digest.
  Third, the number is small Research shows that over-satisfaction is harmful to health, the elderly should eat at eight or nine minutes per meal, especially for dinner.
  四、蔬菜要多  新鲜蔬菜是老年人健康的朋友,它不仅含有丰富的维生素C和矿物质,还有较多的纤维素,对保护心血管和防癌防便秘有重要作用,每天的蔬菜摄The input should be no less than 250 grams.
  Fifth, food should be mixed Protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals and water are the six essential nutrients for the human body. These nutrients are widely found in various foods.
In order to balance the absorption of nutrients and maintain good health, all kinds of foods should be eaten a little. If possible, the main and non-staple foods should be kept at around 10 times a day.
  Sixth, Lai cuisine should be light. Some elderly people have heavy mouth weight. As everyone knows, if salt is eaten more, it will increase the burden on the heart and kidney, and it will easily cause blood pressure to increase.
In order to be healthy, the elderly should generally eat 6-8 grams of salt per day.
  Seven, the food should be rotten Old people’s teeth often loose and fall off, masticatory muscles weakened, digestive juice and digestive enzyme secretion decreased, gastrointestinal digestion decreased.
Therefore, the food should be softer and more rotten.
  Eight, fruit to eat A variety of fruits are rich in water-soluble vitamins and metal trace elements, these nutrients have a great effect on maintaining the pH balance of body fluids.
To stay healthy, eat some fruit after each meal.
  Nine, diet to be hot The elderly have poor resistance to cold, such as eating cold food can cause vasoconstriction of the stomach wall, blood supply is reduced, and reflex caused by the reduction of other visceral blood circulation, unhealthy.
Therefore, the diet of the elderly should be slightly warmer, and it is advisable to eat at a proper level.
  10. Eat slowly. Some older people are used to eating fast food. They will swallow without chewing. It will be bad for health over time.
You should chew slowly to reduce the gastrointestinal burden and promote digestion.
In addition, eating slowly can easily lead to satiety, prevent eating too much, and the leaves are healthy.

How the elderly protect their hearing –

How can the elderly protect their hearing?

When people are old, their hearing will drop. How can the elderly protect their hearing?

Older people should protect their hearing, and pay attention to the following 5 points in daily life.

  1. Avoid noise If the elderly are exposed to noise for a long time, the hearing that is originally attenuated is more likely to be fatigued. The tiny blood vessels of the inner ear are often aligned with the biased state, so that the inner ear is insufficiently supplied with blood, the hearing will rapidly decrease, and even noise may occur.Sexual deafness.

Therefore, the elderly should minimize the interference of noise on hearing.

  2, ring-earing elderly like to use ear spoons, match sticks and other ear.

This is because the physiological blood circulation of the elderly is weakened, the secretions in the ear canal are reduced, and the dryness is generated. Sometimes it is itchy and unbearable. After stimulation by the ear, it can be temporarily relieved.

But these are easy to hurt the ear canal, causing infection, inflammation, and even damage to the tympanic membrane.

The scientific method is when the ear canal is itchy, use a cotton swab to dip into alcohol or glycerin and gently wipe the ear canal.

Can also take vitamin E, C and cod liver oil, the inner ear itching can be relieved.

  3, cautious medication to the elderly, the disease is worsening, the elderly often use antibiotics, but it should be noted that the use of streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin and other antibiotics, do not overdose, or take too long,It can be used interchangeably with other drugs, or it can be replaced with traditional Chinese medicine.

  4, regular massage of the elderly hearing loss, and the inner ear blood circulation is also weakened, and local massage can increase blood circulation, but also maintain hearing.

When you massage, you can take the hurricane point (the recess behind the earlobe), and listen to the point (the sag in front of the earlobe is symmetrical with the ear of the hurricane), each time, 5 times each time?
10 minutes.

  I know how the elderly protect their hearing. When people reach the old age, they must control their emotions. The emotional changes will cause the autonomic nerves in the body to lose normal regulatory functions, causing damage to the inner ear organs, edema and auditory neurotrophic disorders, and hearing loss or deafness.

How to learn Chinese medicine?

The experience of the master of Chinese medicine is given to you, and the complete set of Chinese medicine textbooks is included.

How to learn Chinese medicine?
The experience of the master of Chinese medicine is given to you, and the complete set of Chinese medicine textbooks is included.

Chinese medicine is a profound and profound study. Many people stand outside the Chinese medicine hospital and sigh. It is too difficult to learn Chinese medicine. It is because Chinese medicine is very complicated and profound. I want to master the accumulation of many years, but we can place the master of Chinese medicine.Studying experience, see how they learn Chinese medicine, Zhang Zhenyu, professor of Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the Basic Research Office of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He said: Learning Chinese medicine should be more “the first thing I learned in the past, memorizing the “Three Words of Medicine”, “Pharmaceutical Fu”, “濒潮脉学”, “Tangtou Songs”.

My father asked us to start from the back, first put it into the stomach, then slowly digest and absorb.

At first, my father did not give explanations, and there was no popular version. It was hard to memorize and was very difficult.

The father’s tutor is very strict. After one stage, he will test us and put forward one of them. We must skillfully recite it.

My brother and I urged each other, asked each other questions, backed up before going to sleep, back when walking, and back in the toilet.

Learning is gradual, and reciting is getting easier.

Fathers often teach us that there is no shortcut to learning, we must learn in a down-to-earth manner, lay a good foundation, and remember more.

Practice makes perfect, and when you pass the test, you can be very good at it.

Lu Zhizheng, a master of Chinese medicine, said: Learning Chinese medicine to read classic medical literature should be difficult to learn, first learn the classics, and then bypass the family, in order to get the effect of high housing construction.

The designated bibliography is mainly “Su Wen”, “Ling Shu Jing”, “The Legend of the Difficult Scriptures”, “The Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “The Golden Chamber”, “Materia Medica” and so on.

Because the uncle knows deeply that the ancient Chinese texts of ancient Chinese medicine are profound and profound, some words are multi-sound and multi-meaning, and there are many falsehoods in the ancient body, and there is no broken sentence.

If there is no innocent ancient text, it is difficult to enter the room.

Specially invited by the late Qing Xiu Xiu, Professor Chen Xuanze, “Book of Changes” and “Gu Wen Guan Zhi”.

Emphasis on both medicine and literature not only improves literary literacy, but also deepens the understanding and memory of the scriptures.

For example, learning the Book of Changes understands the changes in yin and yang, and eliminates the law of longevity and deficiency, thus making it easier to understand and master the yin and yang theory of Chinese medicine.

The ancients had the saying that “it is easy to get through”, which means this.

Summary: Many Chinese medicine masters have pointed out that to learn Chinese medicine well, we must first read the classics and memorize the classics.

Today, free to share with you a full set of teaching materials for Chinese medicine: 1, in the comment area message + like 2, click on the attention, pay attention to “Taiwan health care” 3, enter the headline number main page, the top right corner has a private letter function, private letter Xiaobian: Chinese medicine textbook

Early spring, spring, late spring, spring health, different tactics

Early spring, spring, late spring, spring health, different tactics

In spring, everything recovers, the climate warms, and the breath of spring is intoxicating.

At this time, how to maintain health in the diet to ensure good health?

Experts reminded that the spring diet should pay attention to the season, the early spring and the late spring are different.

In the early spring, the yin and cold gradually receded, and the sun was first, and the warmth was still cold.

According to the theory of TCM Yangyang in the spring and summer, this time should eat some onions, ginger, garlic, and leeks.

These foods can disperse and dispel cold, and all of them contain alkali-containing ingredients, which also have the effect of bactericidal and disease prevention.

In addition, properly eat chicken, animal liver, fish, lean meat, egg yolk, milk, soy milk and other nutrients, so that the body’s various organs and organs function increasingly active, and eat less cold food to stop yang hairThe more.

In the mid-spring season, the liver gas rises with all things, but it is biased towards the prosperity. The Chinese doctor believes that the liver can hurt the spleen.

At this time, you can eat jujube, honey, yam, casserole and other foods that nourish the spleen and stomach, and eat less digestible foods such as sour or greasy.

In addition, you can eat spinach, celery, lettuce, carrots, cauliflower, bell pepper, tender green, rape, green bean sprouts and other yellow-green vegetables and seasonal fruits to supplement vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements.

In the late spring, the temperature will gradually increase, and the diet should be light. In addition to eating high-quality protein foods, you can put green bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat build-up.

Should not eat lamb, dog meat, spicy hot pot and pepper, pepper, pepper and other big hot food, to prevent evil heat, fire, sore, phlegm, phlegm, swelling and other diseases.

In addition, this time, in advance of the summer, from the perspective of health care, we must also pay attention to food hygiene, to prevent illness from entering the mouth.

Four major dietary taboos for freckles

Four major dietary taboos for freckles

Long spots at both ends must be a lot of people’s troubles, freckles are really difficult to remove, good or bad is really a headache, what should you pay attention to in your diet?

Are freckled people having some dietary taboos?

[French taboo people diet taboo]First, water: patients with pigmentation should drink more water, add water and water to the body to make the body toxin metabolism, in addition to appropriate outdoor sports, effective detoxification.

Second, fruit: a variety of fruits to supplement vitamins, but the choice of vegetables should pay attention to, try to avoid those sensitive vegetables: celery, parsley and so on.

The choice of staple food is based on fresh vegetables and high-protein, low-fat foods.

Third, too much salt to eat freckles: salt is one of the indispensable elements of the human body every day, but too much salt can cause harm to the body.

Excessive salt in women can lead to dark yellow and dull complexion, and can even cause freckles on the cheeks.

If you eat too much animal waste while eating too much salt, it will affect the normal metabolism of the human body and make the facial stain more obvious.

Therefore, in order to be beautiful and healthy, we must strictly control the salt content of the daily budget.

Third, the avoidance of bad habits: such as drinking, smoking, staying up late, etc., irritating food should also eat less, such as strong tea, coffee, cola, cigarettes, wine and so on.

[Freaked diet principle]Eat foods containing vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, such as carrots, white radish, spinach, rapeseed, leeks, soybeans, peas, fresh dates, lemon, mango, milk, etc.

Avoid improper eating or recurrence due to improper diet. In addition, the appearance of freckles is closely related to endocrine disorders. Therefore, the freckle process should also pay attention to emotional factors, insomnia and irregular diet, work and rest.