The nutritional value of guava

The nutritional value of guava

Fruit is an inedible way to supplement our lives. Fruit is not only delicious but also provides a lot of trace elements. So some people are very willing to accept them. Guava is a fruit with high nutritional value.Eating guava in moderation is of great benefit to our health.

So do you know the nutritional value of guava?

Today with Xiaobian to learn about the efficacy and role of guava and the benefits of guava for different people.

  Basic introduction of guava Guava is a tree, it can be up to 13 meters in height, and its bark is smooth and gray.

The top is spherical and oval or pear-shaped. Generally, there are persistent petals at the end. The flesh is white and yellow. The flesh is generally light red. The seeds in the fruit are large.

  Edible value Guava tastes sweet and juicy.

  Guava, if eaten often, can effectively supplement various nutrients that the human body lacks, and also has the purpose of strengthening the body.

Can continuously improve our physical fitness.

In the name of Apple, Guava contains about 38% less auntie and 42% less calories.

  Guava is also widely concentrated in the food processing industry, the main purpose of which is to increase the vitamin C content of foods, so that the nutrition of foods can be strengthened and improved.

  Guava is rich in nutrition, among which the rich vitamin C has a good effect on the treatment of diabetes. Soaking it in water with Qiongzhen Lingzhi can reduce blood sugar and treat diabetes.

  It also reduces the risk of common colds, swollen gums, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

  Guava can be eaten fresh or boiled as fresh fruit. Cooked guava can be made into various sauces such as jam, jelly and chutney.

  Guava can be added to various sauces and fruit salads and ice cream to add flavor and nutrition.

The guava can be eaten with skin directly, or it can also be peeled and eaten. The fruit needs to be cut open before consumption, and can be increased according to cooking needs.

  Medicinal value Leaf contains volatile oil and sintered substance, etc. It is used for medicinal purposes, and has the functions of stopping diarrhea, hemostasis, and strengthening the stomach.

  With the effect of lowering blood sugar, it is often used to treat diabetes in foreign countries.

Experiments have shown that guava is often consumed by diabetic patients, which has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on supplementary prevention.

It is common to use guava to reduce blood sugar in Taiwan.

  Mainland folks also have examples in this regard. For some mild patients, take 1 after 3 meals a day?
3 cups of guava juice are effective.

  If you take 50 grams of dried guava fruit, one bitter gourd, decoction, 1?
2 times, also has better effect on improving the symptoms of diabetes.

  However, because guava is warm and astringent and contains high quality, eating it can stop diarrhea and eat more. It is easy to cause constipation, so it must be constipated or it is not suitable for those who have internal anger.

In addition, guava’s bark, roots, and leaves can also be used as medicine to treat certain complications.

  Guava’s impurities Guava is rich in nutrients and contains protein, multivitamins, minerals, and residual fiber. Most people can eat it.

  In the market season, buy some at home and eat half to one every day, no problem.

However, people who have constipation need to distinguish the type of constipation before eating, because the guava has a mild temperature, and people who get constipated due to getting hot can cause constipation.

  From another perspective, guava is rich in cellulose and can increase the amount of stool. For constipated people who are weak and unable to defecate, eating more guava will increase the difficulty of defecation and make constipation worse.

  In addition, guava, especially the seeds inside, is not easy to digest, so people with poor digestive function have stomach disease, stomach bleeding, and intestinal bleeding. It is not recommended to eat more.

  Guava’s contraindicated children and people with constipation habits or internal heat should eat with caution and not eat more.

  Guava’s nutritional value1 is rich in vitamins. Guava contains very rich nutrients. Among them, vitamins are the most abundant. It is no exaggeration to say that eating a guava a day can almost satisfy a normal person’s body.Total demand is up.

  At the same time, researchers pointed out that vitamin C in guava has a good effect on the treatment of diabetes, which can effectively stabilize blood sugar and control the condition of diabetes.

  At the same time, it can effectively prevent and delay the time of diabetes complications, thereby helping patients to better ensure their health.

  The sugar content is very low and the sugar content in guava is very low. People with diabetes and those with high blood sugar can eat more in daily life.

  And there are many ways to eat guava, in addition to eating it directly, it can also be processed into fruit juice, jam, jelly, and fruit preserves.

  2. Contains higher-level protein. Few fruits in our daily life are completely protein-containing, and guava is an exception. After a lot of research, it is found that there is a higher content of protein in guava.

  And this can promote blood circulation in the human body, and can also ensure the role of blood flow.
  The basic exception In addition to protein, guava also contains a small number of exceptions. This substance can supplement nutrition but at the same time increase some transformation and energy, which is very beneficial to human health.

  Recent research has found that guava is also rich in vitamins, a nutrient with higher nutritional value for the elderly and children.
  It can not only supplement the calcium in the body to strengthen the bones, but also promote the growth of children.

  3, with the beauty effect of various nutrients in guava also has a very effective beauty and beauty effect, which is definitely a gospel for women who love beauty.

  All women have been looking forward to beauty and beauty in food.

The reason why guava has a cosmetic effect.

  Because it contains a lot of various nutrients needed by the human body, vitamins and minerals.

  These nutrients can effectively promote the elimination of toxins from the body, thus beautifying and beauty.

  In addition, these nutrients can also effectively improve the human digestive system, improve human immunity, and also have a good therapeutic effect on some physical diseases.

  4, the nutrition is very rich The nutrition contained in guava can be said to be very rich and comprehensive, of which the content of protein and vitamin c is the highest.

  In addition, there are a lot of vitamins a, b, c and trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and so on.

  These are nutrients that are extremely needed for human health. Regular consumption can effectively promote human health and also prevent diseases.

  Nutritional analysis Guava is rich in nutrients, which can increase appetite and promote children’s growth and development. It contains protein, traces, sugars, vitamins A, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

  Guava has high nutritional value. In terms of vitamin C, it is higher than citrus, banana, papaya, tomato, watermelon, and pineapple. It also has rich iron, calcium, and phosphorus. The iron content in seeds is better than other fruits.I can eat together.

  Eating more can prevent aging and eliminate toxins from the body.

Relevant people The general population consumes and is especially suitable for children in the growth and development stage. It is an ideal fruit for high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension and poor gastrointestinal conditions.

  Children and people with constipation or internal heat should not eat more.

People with liver fever should be careful of constipation, because guava has astringent and antidiarrheal effects.

  Conclusion: After reading the introduction of guava, everyone must have a deeper understanding of guava.

In fact, there are many nutrition and effects of guava. People who like to eat guava can often consume it, but they should not eat too much at one time, which is not good for the body.

Seven foods with the same source of medicine and food can alleviate indigestion

Seven foods with the same source of medicine and food can alleviate indigestion

Medicine and food homology inventory can relieve the seven major foods of indigestion. Many people are obese or severe or light indigestion, often bloating and abdominal pain, suffering.

Chinese medicine believes that the source of indigestion is in the stomach, but it involves organs such as liver and spleen. Therefore, it is the best policy to restore indigestion and use food conditioning. The following seven foods believe that indigestion can be effectively relieved.

  1.Apple Apple can both stop diarrhea and laxative.

Containing sulfuric acid, organic base and other substances have astringent effect, the contained pectin can absorb toxins.

For simple mild diarrhea, eating apples alone can stop diarrhea.

The cellulose in apples can stimulate bowel movements and accelerate bowel movements, so it has a laxative effect.

  2.Tomatoes are rich in organic acids such as malic acid, citric acid, and formic acid, which can protect vitamin C from being damaged during processing and cooking, and increase the utilization of vitamins.

Tomatoes also contain a special ingredient-lycopene, which improves digestion and diuresis, can assist indigestion of gastric juice, lycopene can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, and can treat stomatitis.


Barley and barley malt contain vitamins A, B, E and amylase, maltose, glucose, invertase, allantoin, proteolytic enzymes, traces and minerals.

Allantoin in barley can promote the healing of gastrointestinal ulcers.

  4.Yogurt Yogurt contains all the nutrients of milk, the outstanding feature is rich in lactic acid, which can break down the lactose in milk into milk.

  For people who lack lactase in the anal tract or drink fresh milk and are prone to diarrhea, drink yogurt.

Lactic acid can inhibit the growth of mold in the body, and can prevent the imbalance of flora caused by the use of antibiotics.

Milk can also prevent the accumulation of toxic substances produced by spoilage bacteria to break down proteins, which has an anti-cancer effect, and yogurt has a mild diarrhea effect, which can prevent constipation in the elderly.

  5.Papaya immature papaya contains two enzymes, one is called papain, and the other is called papain, which can be broken down into obesity, which can promote food digestion and absorption.

  6.Cabbage contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and prevent dry stools.

  7.Orange peel Orange peel promotes digestion mainly because the volatile oil contained in it can stimulate the digestive tract, increase the secretion of gastric juice, and promote metabolic peristalsis.

  In addition to the above-mentioned food conditioning, indigestion patients should have a regular life, fall asleep regularly, do self-psychological conditioning, eliminate ideological concerns, pay attention to emotional control, and have a broad mind.

At the same time quit smoking and alcohol, eat less spicy food and cold food.

Some interesting effects of interpersonal communication

Some interesting effects of interpersonal communication

The first-effect effect The first-effect effect transmits to people in interpersonal communication and is a more important term in communicative psychology.

The first impression that people leave in people’s interactions is formed and overlapped in the other person’s mind. This effect is called the causal effect.

We often say “make a good impression”, which is generally the first impression. Here, there is the role of the causal effect.

Therefore, in social activities such as making friends, recruiting, and applying for jobs, we can use this effect to show people an excellent image and lay a good foundation for future communication.

Of course, this is only a temporary behavior in social activities, and deeper communication requires your hardware to be complete.

This requires you to strengthen the quality of talking, manners, cultivation, etiquette and other aspects, otherwise it will lead to another effect, which is the proximate effect.

  Proximate effect Proximate effect is the opposite of first-effect effect, which refers to the impression left by the last meeting in the communication, and this impression will remain in the other person’s mind for a long time.

Friends who haven’t seen each other for years have the deepest impression in their own minds, which is actually the parting time; a friend always makes you angry, but when talking about the reasons for anger, I can only say that there are two or three.The performance of recency effects.

Utilize the proximate effect, distinguish yourself from your friends, and give him a good blessing, and your image will beautify in his heart.

It is possible that this beautification will affect your life, because you may become a “halo” character, which is the halo effect.

  Halo effect When you have a good opinion of someone, it will be difficult to feel that his deficiency exists, just like there is a halo around him. Your mentality is the halo effect.

“Living in the eyes of a lover”, when a lover is in love, it is difficult to find each other’s shortcomings, thinking that everything is good and doing everything right, even where others think it is a shortcoming.It does not seem to matter, this is the manifestation of a halo effect.

The halo effect has a certain acceleration effect. Under this psychological effect, it is difficult for you to distinguish between good and bad, true and false, and easy to be used.

Therefore, in the social process, “the heart that is harmful to others must not be, and the heart that is to defend against others” must be inevitable. Of course, it must be the awareness of fortification.

  Fortification psychology When two people are alone, we will have some preventive psychology from time to time; when there are many people, you will feel that there is no space for yourself, whether your belongings are settled in;Afraid of others taking your secret.

For these you need to be armed.

This kind of fortification psychology will play a certain role in the process of communication, and it will prevent normal communication.

Travel magic to enjoy the sun and never tan_1

Travel magic to enjoy the sun and never tan

Holiday sun protection articles :.

hzh {display: none; }  首先,来认识一下紫外线:  紫外线不像x射线,γ射线,它的作用是非常缓慢的,在不知不觉中产生危害的效果。Most of the short-term injuries are reversible, with sunburn, tanning, sunburn, dry and desquamated skin, and most of the long-term injuries are irreversible. It may cause premature skin aging, pigmentation, and even skin cancer.

  Ultraviolet rays are divided into two types: UVB (sunburn) and UVA (aging). More than 90% of the ultraviolet rays reaching the ground are UVA, and Asia is a region with high UV intensity. Therefore, we must take good care of the sun.Already working!

  Sun protection: You can’t ignore the sun protection from head to toe. You must do it every day, let alone vacations, let alone negligence.

From hair to toes, you ca n’t miss it!

  A sunshade tool, a must-have sunscreen magic weapon1. A sunshade with a large brim protects your facial skin from sunlight.

  2. The folding portable parasol is suitable for being placed in a bag. It can not only be used as a sunshade, but also be used as an umbrella.

  3, sunglasses one of the fashionable tools for sun protection.

  Holiday sunscreen products: skin care work must be in place during travel, especially whitening.

  Lancome Smart Whitening Lotion ¥ 695 / 75ml Lancome is proud to announce the launch of a new generation of smart whitening products, bringing unprecedented whitening power.

Thanks to the newly added high-efficiency ingredient-Ellagic Acid amino acid flower acid extracted from Tara in natural plants, the Smart Pleasure Whitening series of products can effectively eliminate stains and give all women more translucent, smoother and smoother skin.

  Netizens: Love Joy Unisex Normal Skin / Although 28 years old, it is a lotion, but the moisturizing effect is not discounted at all, it looks very light, gently apply on the face, massage a little, as long as a short time,The skin becomes moist and delicate. After the skin is completely absorbed, it will feel breathable and smooth, and the skin will be soft and soft.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing plus whitening, stick to use, whitening effect is more obvious.

  Free Breath FREEDAY Skin Deep Whitening Moisturizing Essence ¥ 210 / 30ml; This type of serum has good ductility, the first experience: only soybean-sized essence can completely cover the entire face after tapping.

Deep moisturizing essence can penetrate into the skin’s base layer, provide deep moisturization to the skin, make the skin smooth and clean, healthy and delicate, and make the skin appear soft and silky, bright and moving.

The unique effect of the best rose essential oil begins to play during use. For long-term use, the complexion will be more even, brighter, and the complexion will become better.

With the use of essential oils and other whitening products, the improvement is more obvious.

  Netizen: Xu Yueyue Mixed Skin / Someone gave me a bottle when I was 27 years old. I still feel good after using it. It improves the dull complexion and evens out the skin tone.

The moisturizing effect is good. After use, be sure to rub some cream, otherwise it will not work enough.

  Recommended reason: continuous whitening, even skin tone

Communicate with children with art

Communicate with children with art

How to nurture your children and how to communicate with them unimpeded is an issue that every family and every parent cares about enthusiastically, and this is also a very difficult issue in today’s social environment.

  When parents communicate with their children, they first need to adjust their own psychology. They should imply that: I have such a lovely child. We have to grow up together. We have to face many problems together. We will be happier than others unless we have fun.

  This will build a good foundation for effective communication with your child.

  Facing the difficulties of communication frankly, today’s children were born and grew up with “Sound Optoelectronics”, which is completely different from the receiving system of their parents when they were young.

If parents only use their throats to tell their children what to do, they will feel particularly boring and boring.

Many children today can watch TV, listen to music, and write homework, because he grew up in a home environment with a variety of appliances since he was a child, resulting in the habit of receiving multiple points and skills.

This kind of system stimulation is much stronger and more effective than simple language sign stimulation. Therefore, if parents keep their footsteps and still use the original mode of education to educate their children, they will certainly not arouse the children’s interest. On the contrary, they willIn the eyes of children, parents often become bored symbols; replacement, the emergence of endless high-tech products, has profoundly affected the child’s living environment and thinking habits; today’s children also have the ability to accept international advance consciousness, such asThe knowledge of sexual knowledge may be difficult for parents to educate their children, but the children actually know a lot.

The contradiction of communication is a realistic premise that every parent must face up to.

  Learn to design heuristics Many parents often have a misunderstanding of communication problems, that is, as long as the parents say what the child listens to, this is communication.

Due to the limitations of various factors in their growing up years, parents are poor in educating their children’s language and thinking.

For example, a child refused to say that his mother said six words to herself in one day: “Hurry up, or you will be late for school” in the morning; the second sentence is “how can I have breakfast, or in the morning?”The third sentence is “Be careful when crossing the road, look at the car”, the fourth sentence is “You must work hard at school”, and the fifth sentence is “The lunch at school is not delicious, butYou are growing up and you must eat more “; the sixth sentence is” Do homework after school and don’t worry about watching TV. ”

This day after day, as a child naturally feels bored, but the result is contrary to expectations.

Therefore, as a parent, you should pay attention to the ways and methods of communicating with your children, learn to design questions, and communicate with your children in an interrogative manner. Try not to use declarative sentences, but let your children speak.

“Ask” is an advanced form of communication today. Parents’ questions should also be highly technical, and parents should strengthen in this regard.

  Communication problems need to be concrete. Parents have a habit of being easy-going and careful, but the words they say are particularly empty.

For example, “you have to study hard.”

This language expression is ineffective and unhelpful for children’s education today.

Because these words lack obvious operability, as a child is basically unable to grasp them, it is easy to cause children’s psychological anxiety.

The positive way is to communicate with your child in a gradual and encouraging way through a specific questioning.

It is easier to mobilize the enthusiasm of the child, and can grasp the direction of the child’s thinking and action.

Incorporate children’s action goals into many small steps, each step is specific and relatively easy to achieve the goal, so that they experience the joy of success at each step.

  It is worth noting that parents should pay more attention to their children’s life. This will only reduce the child’s level of life.

Such children are bound to have poor psychological quality, their ability to withstand is greatly weakened, they cannot bear more pressure, and bear more responsibilities.

  A single environment benefits many experiences, resulting in too many gaps in life.

Psychology advocates “empathy” and can only empathize in the same situation.

Many communications must have corresponding experiences before they can understand and be effective. It is difficult for children to just listen to reasoning.

  Creating Diversified Communication Channels Parents cannot fully rely on language communication and should adopt multiple methods.

Children prefer music, so take the music approach and be tempted in order.

Psychologically there is a saying of “oppositional defiance”, that is, the child first changes the attack surface to be his closest person.

Parents need to think carefully about whether something, as a symbol, is unacceptable to their children.

Parents use too many language symbols, and often easily cause rebellious psychology.

And a variety of novel communication methods, maybe birthday cakes, can insert a small flag, “Children I love you”, easy to add fun.

Regular communication methods often fail to attract children’s interest and initiative.

  Fully understand personality types. As a parent, we must recognize both our own personality types and our children’s personality types.

For example, some children are introverted, and some children are more outgoing. These are the nature of the child and are inherently difficult to change.

Because he is such a type.

Personality types can be roughly divided into four categories: driven personality, such people have ideas, ideas, and are more suitable for leadership; analytical personality, like Chen Jingrun, who is more solid, can sit down and study things seriously; expressive personality, I have some advantages, and I am good at using various opportunities to show myself. I am a kind personality who wins with my own qualities, but I do n’t know how to ask others. I often do n’t ask for children when I train my children.It is easier to go wrong.

But all of these are also inseparable from the impact of human growth environment. The most important thing is to cultivate children’s good habits of reading and get influence from them.   Grasping the critical period of life There are several critical periods in a person’s life. Children generally learn language well at the age of 2 and 3-4 years is the critical period to establish authority. If the key is not fully grasped, then the child’s training will beIt takes more thought and energy.

At the corresponding key level, parents should pay attention to strengthening their children’s corresponding abilities. This kind of reinforcement should foster children’s consciousness through encouragement.

  Delightful demonstration of parental life Parents first need to live a more exemplary life themselves. Children want their parents to live a very tasteful life, not outdated.

Their external material and spiritual influences are particularly sensitive.

Parents have their own pursuits and tastes, which can affect their children to a certain extent.

Design your life well, put on good clothes and listen to concerts, and tell your children that only when they are of their own age can they come into contact with elegant things, and give them a psychological touch.

  Pursuing the height and goals of being a parent Do not focus on the education of children’s technical qualifications. In today’s society, high-level education can be obtained at any time, and the true competitiveness of children in the future lies in their own personality.”Winning by quality” lies in whether the child knows how to care for others and for others.

To realize how you feel to others, you must first have someone in your heart.

Many children get too much material enjoyment, often don’t feel to others, become numb and self, and can’t build a good personality after adulthood. In fact, they have eliminated themselves since childhood.

Delicious and anti-cancer magic fruits and vegetables


Delicious and anti-cancer magic fruits and vegetables

There are many carcinogens in life. Fortunately, there are many anti-cancer foods in nature.

“China Health Nutrition” published the top 18 anti-cancer foods, which are mainly foods that meet every day.

Cultivate food and health habits, accept cancer-preventing and anti-cancer foods at your fingertips, and keep cancer away from us. Why not?

  Li Shengjin, moistening dryness, clearing heat, reducing phlegm.

“Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” refers to: “Government of lumps in the stomach”, indicating that ancient doctors were often used for digestive tract cancer.

Pear plasma β-carotene, vitamin C, B2, etc. have certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and are also suitable for anti-nasopharyngeal, laryngeal, and lung cancer.

  Kiwi is a fruit treasure.

Vitamin C content is 4-12 times that of oranges, 30 times that of apples, and 60 times that of grapes.

Studies have shown that the substances it contains can replace nitrosamine production in the human body, and thus have good anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

  Hawthorn is often used for appetizing digestion and reducing blood lipids.

It can also activate blood circulation, remove stasis, eliminate stasis, and inhibit vitamin growth. At the same time, it can supplement vitamin C, which is convenient for patients with digestive tract and female reproductive system cancer.

  Oranges and citrus fruits such as mandarin orange, grapefruit, orange, lemon, kumquat, etc. are all vitamin C, which can prevent the formation of nitrosamines, and it is convenient for patients with tumors of the digestive tract, throat and lungs.

  Da jujube supplements the spleen, stomach, qi and blood, and combines β-carotene, vitamin C, and B vitamins.

It contains a group of three alkyl compounds as active ingredients for anticancer.

People eat jujube porridge and astragalus jujube to enhance physical fitness and prevent cancer.

  Bananas clear the heat and laxative, and have anti-cancer effect when mixed with magnesium.

Studies have found that banana extract has a significant inhibitory effect on carcinogens such as aflatoxin B1, benzo (a) pyrene and nitroquinoline oxide.

  Water chestnut Japan has reported that it is effective in inhibiting polymer degeneration and tissue proliferation.

Use water chestnuts and previous rice or barley kernels to make porridge.

Suitable for patients with digestive tract cancer, diabetes and cervical cancer.

  Lily has good nourishing and nutritional functions, and also contains colchicine, which is convenient for patients with lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, skin cancer and malignant lymphoma.

  荸荠 Clear heat, get rid of phlegm, eliminate phlegm.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “The tincture is the most effective, and it is best to use it together with panicles.

“Modern research has confirmed that tadpoles have anti-cancer effects in animals.

Lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, breast cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, brain tumors and lymphoma are edible.

  Lotus seeds have the effect of nourishing the heart, nourishing the kidney, and strengthening the spleen.

Modern pharmacology has found that the oxidized sclerotinine contained in lotus seeds can inhibit nasopharyngeal cancer and is also suitable for patients with cervical cancer and intravenous injection.

Folks commonly use lotus seeds, lilies, yam, white fungus and rock sugar for cooking.

  The chlorogenic acid contained in sunflower seed kernels has a good preventive effect on precancerous lesions of liver cancer in rats.

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and excellent proteins, as well as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and multivitamins. It is a nutritional food for preventing cancer.

5 Secret Mental Habits of Chinese Men Revealed

5 Secret Mental Habits of Chinese Men Revealed

According to analysis, the sexual psychological habits of young men in developing countries mainly include the following: 1. A few young men who like to talk together, especially when several acquaintances gossiping together.

This can not be simply regarded as low-level indecent, this is a common male psychological reflection.

There are three main reasons for this: Passing boredom, and borrowing this kind of boring words.

Among the interviewers, people of different ages and experiences have different psychology.

Older, more experienced people talk about it, often to exaggerate their knowledge, but they should have concealed it, but this kind of psychology is puzzling to women.

People who are young and inexperienced talk mostly from a strange vanity. They do not want to be regarded as lack of experience or do not understand the world, so they are smart and talk about it.

In addition, some people are in a tense state of sexual thirst, and their conversations have the effect of relaxing tension and venting sexual desire.

  2. The psychological characteristics of men who like to touch women determine the psychological characteristics of men who like to touch women. Men have a strong “contact heterosexuality” innately.

This is in line with a zoological principle: “Sexual behavior is only possible if the male exerts his enthusiasm.

“Men and women in love, men especially want to be able to touch women. This is because he wants to express the intimacy of the two sides in concrete, and hopes to be confirmed internally.

Furthermore, due to his physical and psychological factors, he wants to reach the second step and the third step through preliminary.

As a woman in Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” said, “If you kiss you, then you must kiss and kiss your shoulder.

3. Naked men who like to see women are prone to being teased by nude photos and striptease.

This is because women are “tactile” and men are “visual.”

The strength of this sexual consciousness that men like to see women’s nudes is determined by the relationship between the inherent eroticism of the individual and the difficulty of approaching the object.

That is, the more concealed the part of a woman, the more irritating this kind of psychology for men.

This was because his imagination was stimulated, which made him think of the following scene, and at the same time made him imagine that he would unveil the last part himself, and the feeling became stronger.

Therefore, compared with frivolous women, shy women are more stimulating to men.

In fact, not only men have the psychology of liking to see women’s nudes, but women also have the underlying psychology of liking to see men’s nudes, but they are not as strong and active as men.

  4. I like to see that there is such a phenomenon in women’s lives. On the street, men and women are transformed from opposite directions, passing by, passing a glance at each other.

At this time, the glimpse of women is cast to the same sex, while the projection of men is to the opposite sex.

Women’s glances are subconscious confrontation, competition, and comparison mentality. Men’s glances are unintentional “multi-vision.”

There is also a phenomenon in life: a man just said goodbye to his girlfriend, and when he saw another beautiful woman, he would sincerely admire it.

This psychological phenomenon of men is like a butterfly flying from this flower to that flower. Even if they love one flower, they can’t help looking at the other.

As a woman, you don’t have to worry too much, because men are “mindful” about everything.

  5, men who like to listen to a woman’s past in the love stage, or be straightforward, or pretend to ask the woman’s past casually.

Why is this happening?

Because men have a strong desire for exclusivity.

Men have such a mentality. When he falls in love with a woman and wants to marry her, he hopes to monopolize her from now to later, and he also monopolizes her past.

Once a woman has a lover, she cares about his present and future, but does not care much about the past.

Men are different. They are all subconsciously thinking that their future partner should “know everything about her.”

Every day in yoga, I am happy to be a thin beauty

Every day in yoga, I am happy to be a thin beauty

I ca n’t find enough time to exercise every day.

Sedentary every day, the excess meat slowly increases?

I don’t sleep well every day, and often lose my energy?

Yoga can help you solve these problems.

Take ten minutes in the morning, refreshing; take ten minutes at noon, the extra meat will not come again; spend ten minutes at night, sweet dreams until dawn!

Now, I will introduce these simple yoga exercises to everyone, let’s do it together?
Suitable for morning awakening yoga baby step 1. Make your knees separate from your hips, kneel on the ground, and your feet close to the ground; 2. Exhale, sit down, relax your complications; 3, let youPut your knees together and put your hands on your thighs; 4. Keep straight and relax your shoulders and upper body; 5. Bend forward and close to your thighs; 6. Keep your forehead on the ground; 7,Extend your forwards and forwards as much as possible. 8. Keep this position for two minutes and recover.

Mountain-style step 1, with your feet apart from your hips wide, natural length; 2. Inhale, hold your feet firmly on the ground; 3. Exhale, let your body weight be evenly distributed to your feet, and relax your toes; 4, Feel your lower plate is very stable; 5, feel that your spine is extended; 6, relax your front, hands naturally hang on both sides of the body; 7, inhale, head backwards, look upwards, stare forwardDo not move; 8, exhale, relax your connection, eyes, chin, throat; 9, maintain this position for 1-2 minutes, slowly feel your body and keep parallel.

Warrior one step, stand on the mountain, with your feet 3-4 steps apart; 2. Bend your front feet, move your hind feet to straighten your hind legs; 3. Your head, shoulders, shoulders and knees are facingFront and front; 4. Inhale, raise your upper head with both hands, fingers crossed, pointing your fingers to the sky; 5, relax your shoulders; look forward; 6, keep this position for 15 seconds-1 minute.


Hand Massage 4 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sagging Face

Hand Massage 4 Ways to Say Goodbye to Sagging Face

Face shape has gradually become an aesthetic standard in people’s hearts, and more and more people have joined the ranks of “don’t call me a big pie face”.

Xiao Bian teach you to use small face care products and facial massage method to easily shake off the big pie face!

  Possessing clear curves and exquisite faces are the dreams of a few girls dreaming about the soul; and the charming and charming sharp chin is what MMs can’t wait to have.

Although the popular face-lifting needles in medicine can integrate the effect of face-lifting, they will be left unintentionally.

Therefore, we still use the small face care products and facial massage method is the safest!

Below, I will teach you how to focus on facial massage, so that you can easily shake off the big pie face.

  Skillful hand-to-noodle massage method 1: Keyword: Make-up lotion tap to speed up blood circulation Specific steps: STEP1: Dip lotion on both sides of the makeup paper, pat from the chin, and extend to the ear, do n’t use too much force, do n’t hurtOh myself.

  STEP2: Gently pat your cheeks and forehead from bottom to top 50?
100 times, when the cotton pad is about to fall off, replenish the lotion again, otherwise it will easily pull the skin.

  STEP3: Cover your entire face with warm palms after you finish tapping. You can pull up slightly to make your skin firmer.

  Simplicity: ★★★★ Message from the editor: Morning and night, use the lotion to follow the texture of the skin, and pat from the bottom up, from the inside out, to make the contours of the face firmer, the skin more transparent and tender.

  Editor’s recommendation: HR Helena Comfort Soft Herbal LotionRecommended reason: Can promote collagen production, firm skin, high-concentration moisturizing ingredients, skin is soft and smooth; and added Moringa seed extract to resist royal free radical damage and prevent skin aging.

Gives you vitality and refreshing feelings.

  Skillful thin face massage method 2: Key words: Acupoint massage to relax the skin Specific steps: STEP1: Hold the forehead with both hands, gently massage the temple with the thumb; the other four fingers start from the center of the forehead and slowly push to both sides; the whole person should relax during the massage, Especially on the face, the strength of the finger is best for yourself.

  STEP2: Use both hands and fingers to gently press the front ear and the back, gently massage back and forth 6?
8 times.

  STEP3: Close your eyes lightly and relax the muscles around your eyes. Imagine the clock dial in your brain, starting from one point in the clockwise direction, and then counterclockwise when you reach the twelve position.

  Simple degree: ★★★★★ Message from the editor: instead of special massage cream during massage, you can also use makeup remover and lotion. Remember to wash your face with cleanser after massage, and then carry out daily care procedures.

  Editor’s recommendation: Opel’s balanced full-effect massage creamRecommended reason: Frozen honey-like massage cream has the effect of activating the skin, eliminating dullness, promoting skin metabolism, making the skin smooth and beautiful, and full of transparency; promoting blood circulation and improving the skinThe metabolism function makes the skin smooth and firm, elastic and maintains vitality.

  Skillful hand-thinning facial massage method three keywords: facial yoga thinning and firming specific steps: STEP1: centering on the clavicle and shifting downwards to expel body toxins; STEP2: put your fingers on your shoulders and turn your elbows back and forth over your headDo 8 times; STEP3: Start pulling gently with both hands from below the ears, stimulate the lymph also promote blood circulation of the face and head; STEP4: Massage the double of the head in a circular manner with your fingertips, like pulling muscles behind your headsame.

This can improve the facial lines; STEP5: press the brow with your thumb and fingertips for 3 seconds and repeat 3 times to reduce intraocular pressure; STEP6: press the middle finger for 3 seconds directly under the black eyeballs to eliminate eye fatigue and lighten dark circlesSTEP7: Put the second joint of the fist under the cheekbones of the cheeks, and do it 3 times as if pushing the meat upwards; STEP8: Raise the face upwards, extend the tongue to the maximum limit for about 5 seconds and do 3 times, you canGet rid of the double chin.

  Degree of simplicity: ★ ★ ★ ★ Xiao Bian’s message: Yoga can not only modify the face shape, but also cultivate the mind and body, this thin face yoga can improve the facial lines, eliminate the law lines, solve the double chin, MM quickly follow suit.

After finishing, apply a skin tightening mask for better results!

  Editor’s recommendation: Clarins Fiber Firming Firming MaskRecommended reason: A fast and compact washing mask for facial edema and poor metabolism, containing natural plant extracts such as Ginkgo biloba leaves, barley, French white clay, etc., to eliminate excess waterAnd waste, effectively tightens and repairs skin care.

Cooperate with Clarins’ professional slimming technique to instantly present a V-shaped face.

  Qiaoshou thin face massage method four keywords: lifting the skin to help circulation specific steps: STEP1: use the index finger and middle finger abdomen, from the orbital bone above the eyebrow tail to the eyebrows in a circular massage, lift the eye end slightly upwards, repeat5 times; STEP2: Restroke the forehead from left to right with the right palm, then restroke the forehead with the left palm from right to left; STEP3: Use the forefinger to the little finger to insert the patella from the nose with the four fingersSqueeze out to the depression in front of the ear and repeat 5 times; Step 4: Use your left palm to point to the right cheek, and follow the lower balati to the left inferior lymph; then change the right palm to the left cheek and pull to the rightUnder the ear lymph, repeat 5 times.

  Degree of simplicity: ★★★★★ Message from the editor: Facial massage can not only rebuild the daily accumulated pressure, but also shape more slender facial lines, and cooperate with the essence of facial tightening, the effect is more prominent.

  Editor’s recommendation: Shuizhi’ao Water Concentrate Firming EssenceRecommended reason: The natural marine ingredients, kelp, red seaweed and marine collagen can fully exert the moisturizing effect and prepare the skin for aging prevention; grapeamine, the main moisturizing ingredientSugar, effectively enhances the skin’s ability to absorb moisture, and has a tightening effect, enhances elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

Look at the tongue in the mirror

Look at the tongue in the mirror

There is a layer of tongue coating on the tongue, which is a layer of moss spread on the tongue body. Normal people’s tongue coating should be thin and moist, dry and moderate, not slippery and dry.

Professor Gan Aiping of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced several similarities of tongue abnormalities.

  People with thick tongue coating may be implanted with digestive and respiratory diseases; yellow and thick tongue coating may indicate that there may be damp heat in the body, or inflammation of the digestive tract and respiratory tract, if coughing also indicates that there may be complications in the lungs; people with thick tongue coating may have in the bodyThere is cold and dampness; at the same time, patients with yin deficiency and those with chronic wasting diseases, such as tumors and tuberculosis, may show no tongue coating.

Dark red tongue or ecchymosis, indicating insufficient blood and possibly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the elderly need to consider whether the blood viscosity is high or the blood lipids are high; people with weak tongues should check whether they have anemia and malnutrition, Qi deficiency and chronic diseases.

Tooth marks on the two ends of the tongue may be qi deficiency. If it is accompanied by yellow, it indicates that there is hot and humid, and white may be cold and wet; tongue pain may indicate oral ulcers and ulcers; if the tongue of the elderly is numb, it should beConsider whether there is insufficient blood and blood viscosity.

  Observing the tongue coating is only one aspect of the diagnosis, and the symptoms shown by the tongue coating may also be artifacts.

Professor Gan Aiping reminded everyone that if you find something different in your tongue, you should go to the hospital in time to make a diagnosis, and do n’t use your own syringe or medicine.