[Can dried lilies be soaked in water]_Action_Benefits

[Can dried lilies be soaked in water]_Action_Benefits

Drinking water with dried lily is a better method of health care. Dried lily is a kind of ingredients after drying the lily flower.When you drink some dried lily water appropriately, it also has a certain effect of relieving the heat. When using dried lily water, you can also add some other ingredients, which can further the overall benefit.

Can dried lilies be soaked in water?

The effect of dried lily soaked in water can relieve the fire with peace of mind, cool the lungs, and is the best summer drink in summer.

It can be extracted through the following three kinds of lily tea: 1. Dry lily tea material: dry lily, calendula. Some methods: wash the lily and calendula with water.

Add the washed lilies and calendula to the flower pot.

Flush with five hundred milliliters of boiling.

Soak for another three to five minutes.

Add honey when drinking.

Lily tea is golden in color and slightly bitter in taste.

After mixing in honey, the mouth is sweet.

Lily tea can treat dizziness, cough, and restlessness at night.

2. Honey dried lily tea material: 2 dried lilies, 10 ml of honey.

Soaking method: brew the dried lily with boiling water for 10 minutes, and add honey when connecting in series.

Efficacy: Detox, beauty and beauty.

Note: pregnant women’s weight; spleen and stomach deficiency, diarrhea should not be pregnant.

3, dry lily and ginseng tea materials: 5 dried lilies, 1 gram of American ginseng, 3 grams of medlar, 1 gram of bamboo leaves.

Soaking method: After mixing the raw materials, brew with boiling water for 10 minutes.

The effect of dried lily soaked in water: clearing away heat and lungs, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, nourishing the face and anti-aging.

4. Lily stem has high medicinal value.

Detoxification, strengthening the stomach, relieving dampness and eliminating product, calming the mind, promoting blood circulation and other effects.

Indications include depression, hemoptysis, deficiency, anxiety, panic and other symptoms, which have special effects on treating pulmonary diseases and health care and anti-aging.

According to pharmacological research, Lily stem has the effect of increasing white blood cells, so it has better curative effect on a variety of cancers.